14/11/12 - Mother In Law Moans and Coventry Gets Licked

40% of women have a difficult relationship with their mother in laws. Time to get it off your chest...

That's a huge statistic, but lets be real, we're not that surprised! So we're offering you this great service and let you have a Mother In Law Moan this morning - it's makes you feel so much better to get it off your chest!

Here are some of your Mother In Law Moans...

My mother in law is too posh. I don't fit in with them at all. 

Adore my mother in law except when she goes into detail about her body functions. Toilet issues should stay in the toilet!

Mine incessantly calls me by my partners ex wifes name. When she does it it makes my blood boil but I just answer her and call her by some other random name like Gladys! 

I don't need 2 moan about my mother in law as when I divorced her son she didn't want anything to do with me or my family again . . . What a great bonus!

Hi guys my Mother In Law lives with us and she is amazing but she will never give a straight answer! Saturday is takeaway night and when asked what she wants we get the same answer every time. I'm not bothered, I'll have what your having  Same with going out for food not fussed where, it drives me nuts...lol

My mother in law recycles the gift bags and wrapping paper that I buy her and I get the same ones back for.my birthday and xmas really find this irritating! Anonymous.

Ahhh, do we all feel better? You're welcome!

Also this morning, we told you yesterday that we were going on a road trip to for Lick My Landmark, and here's the latest. Coventry got a good licking! Check out the latest photos!

Thanks for waking up with us.

Ed and Rachel