15/01/13 - Weird Breakfast Food

Ed’s been eating some strange things for Breakfast recently, and we’ve been putting together a team of investigators to find out the name of Adele’s baby.

Do you find it weird that Ed eats a plate of raw salmon for breakfast? It doesn’t sound very appetising…

Weird breakfast was as a student which was a pot noodle with chocolate sprinkles yuk!  

Fresh Coconut

How about some humous & taramasalata and a couple of toasted pitta breads! Very nice!!

Turkish Delight 

I've just had an egg mayo with onion and a nutty choc bar for brekki!

I watched a girl at work eat a dry weetabix with a sardine on! Yuk!!

When he was about 7 my brother had trifle on toast for breakfast.

We’ve also been assembling some top characters to investigate the name of Adele’s baby. Hong Kong Fooey would be our choice of detective to solve this mystery.

Who did you think would be able to find out?

I think we should call the super spy James Bond onto the job!

Ace Venturer!

Tom Cruise because you wouldnt have to wait for the investigation,he would just get her to confess. 

Thanks for chatting to us this morning, see you tomorrow when it’s the middle of the week!!