16/01/2013 - Annoying Facebook Friends

We've been eating some naughty treats, even though we're on a tight budget. There's no need to stock up on veg, when there's a new choccie bar out we need to try!!

It's also been a morning of moaning, Rachel has been getting aggravated about her friend who posts about horses on Facebook ALL THE TIME. 

Admit it, we all get pretty annoyed by the same people on Facebook. You know the ones who like EVERYONE's status', and the ones that post pictures of their cat all the time!!

So who's been bothering you online?

My boyfriend won't stop putting status' about how much he loves me, its slightly embarrassing.

Jon posts nothing but how far he went on the rowing machine and which marathon he has signed up to.

My friend Helen can't go 1 minute without posting a video of her 3 year old son!!!

My cousin Chantell posts "Wish I didn't have to go into work". Every time at 6 am but she only works 16 hours a week, when I have to read it working 40 hours!!

My friend Nikki... Every day she's either having the best day ever or the worst ever. Also Each week she's either starting a diet, giving up drink or some random fad. And each time she puts on a status she gets comments like aww babe what's up or good luck. So annoying.

Now we've shamed these people, let's hope they shape up their online behaviour!

Thanks for getting in touch today, we're back tomorrow morning.