18/01/2013 - Snow Is Coming Down!!

Snow is here for the weekend, are you gearing up to go sledging or is the snow about to ruin your plans?

We heard your groans and moans about which plans the snow is wrecking this morning or in some cases, making them better!

Looks like you could be snowed in!!

I Would like to get snowed in with Louis Smith tonight at Strictly Come Dancing! 

Off to a spa day at Ragdale Hall, don't mind if we get snowed in there! :) 

I work at mecca bingo oldbury, I may get snowed in!

I'm off to the mother inlaws, please don't let me get snowed in there.

I work at the Red Lion Pub, keep me snowed in!!!

Me and me mate work in a cafe we have showers, toilets store full of food and men to keep us company!

I work at the Snowdome in Tamworth, so I may get snowed in at the Snowdome! Oh no!

I could get snowed in at school! Please don't make me go :(

I'm thoroughly disappointed I was really looking forward to getting my sledge out and having a good whizz down Gravelly Hill, alas its not to be we've only had 2 inches off to work as usual. 

Supposed to be taking the kids to see Madagascar Live! at the NEC so could be snowed in with the crazy penguins. 

This weekend is going to be an interesting with all this snow, hopefully you have a good one!!

Make sure you get your toboggans out, and make some snowmen.

See you on Monday x