18/12/12 - Your Initial Association

Call it a coincidence, but boffins at a US university reckon we favour careers and brands that share our first initial, and it can also influence our personalities...

For example, Dennis or Denise were likely to become dentists, hile Cheryls and Charlottes, are more likely to sell candles and cakes.

We had to put this to the test. What does your name say about you?

This really got some of you thinking...

My name's Jennifer and I like jelly tots, jerky and juniper berries (because they're in gin). Merry Christmas x 

Sam, I live in Solihull, I have a Sweet tooth & I like Sleeping! :) 

Hi I'm Dave the decorator and work with Pete and Paul who are painters.

My name is Pam. My favourite food is pasta and my favourite colour is purple. :-)

Cheryl - works as a Consultant in Chorley and enjoys Cadburys

My name is Carole, I drive a Celica & I love curry lol ;-) xx

Wow, yeah from Sarah who works in the Steel industry!!! xx.

I'm Carolyn I work in childcare and I'm also trained in creative arts, oooooo, freaky, lol xxx

Gets you thinking doesn't it? Thanks for getting in touch.

Also on the show, we revealed a statistic that shocked us. 50% of us won't be eating turkey on Christmas day!

Here's a little treat for you, we have some exclusive stuff about how Take That will be spending the festive period.

Christmas With Take That

Thanks for waking up with us

Ed and Rachel