19/12/12 - Christmas Injuries

Ed keeps injuring himself this Christmas, and we think that a lot of you, especially the guys would have done the same thing...

He keeps getting needles in his eyes, from getting on his knees, trying to switch the tree lights off!

So we asked, what Christmas injuries have you had?

My dad while helping my mum turn the turkey spilt the boiling juices over his leg. Spent xmas lunch in a bath of ice cold water trying to stop the blistering still eating his turkey lunch!

My sister in law  thought she would have a go on the kids pogo stick which Santa brought lol. One badly bruised lady, one smashed window and turkey with glass sprinkles lol!

I fell downstairs about 15 years ago bringing the kids pressies down. Sprained my ankle and was very badly bruised. Hobbled around Christmas day with a walking stick. Told the kids had an accident whilst helping Santa ouch.

My dad opened some champagne and the cork hit me on the head. Spent the day in casualty.

Thanks for your stories, we need to be a little more careful!

There are now only 6 Sleeps 'Till Santa too!

Speak to you in the morning.

Ed and Rachel