20/12/12 - Big Town Showdown Final

So the world's ending tomorrow, but why can't it end for you?

We need more trips to the Frankfurt Christmas Market and it's our Christmas Party tonight That's why the world can't end for us tomorrow!

Here are some of your reasons for why the world can't end tomorrow.

World can't end cause I need to find out who Kat's cheating with in Eastenders....

I have spent loads of money on my mom's x-mas present, to much for it just to be destroyed in 'the end of the world'.

It's my day off! At least the world should end on a work day!

The world can't end tomorrow as Busted have been to the year 3000.

The world can't end tomorrow as I get my first ever dishwasher in January.

I'm in a dilemma , do I do my Xmas shopping tonight or wait till tomorrow and save money if it all ends ??

World can't end tomorrow cause we won't know what happens to Tyrone in Coronation Street.

All valid reasons we think. Thanks for your texts.

Good job the world's not ending today, we wouldn't have been able to crown the Big Town Showdown Champion.

73 towns took part, and Amanda from Shard End was victorious.