22/01/2013 - Snow Rules

We've been getting your snow rules this morning.

What's different in the snow than usual?  We've been asking you to tell us what rules you throw out the window, and which rules you've created just for snowy days!

Double yellow lines just dont excist!

Snow rules, if i've taken the time 2 scrape my car then u should at least clear more than a face sized whole in the snow and ice on urs

In the snow you don't need a fridge, just bury your food and drink in the garden. Saves electricity.

Don't eat yellow snow

Just because you have a 4x4 it doesn't mean every other car on the road shouldn't be there.

To prevent slipping put socks over your boots. It helps me.

Mother and child parking spaces don't exist! You can park in them AND have room to open your door without hitting the car next to you! 

Ed's found a new thing to do with his kids, it's called 4x4 sledging!!

We're back tomorrow morning, have fun if you've got another snow day and stay warm!