23/10/12 - How Long Does it Take to Name Your Child?

Uma Thurman took 3 months to name her baby!

That's ridiculous! But to be fair, it is a long name and a lot of thought has been put into it. Her new daughters name is (take a deep breath) Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson.

So this morning we asked you, how long have you left it until you named your baby? Were there arguments over it?

Here are some of your great stories...

For my first we decided if a boy we would call him Connor but while pregnant we kept seeing naughty children called Connor which made hubby decide not to call but once we had him I called him Connor by mistake and it stuck so had to confess. He chose the next two boys names mind you :)

My partner and I 'debated' over our sons name throughout the pregnancy. I wanted Tom. He wouldn't let me name him until I relented to agree to his ridiculous name. Needless to say my son is called Thomas Bartholomew...after Bart Simpson! 20 years later, I like it but don't ask my sons opinion lol!

Although I knew I was having a boy, I could only think of a girls name. I was going to call him Ford, but husband said no so Harrison it was!

Morning guys - Rach, you think Barthorlomew is bad - my dad wanted to call me Blodwyn Violet! Thank god mum got there first!

My husband wanted to call our baby 'happy' regardless of a boy or girl and was serious!

How can you not have a name? You have 9 months to prepare lol

LOL what a great text to end on! Thanks for getting in touch!

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