26/10/12 - We've Tracked Down a Real Bond Villain

Happy James Bond Day! Ba daaaa ba daaaa ba da daaaaaa (James Bond tune)

Skyfall is now released for all to see today! Rachel introduced the film for the Have a Heart charity premiere at the brand new IMAX at Cineworld Broad Street in Birmingham last night and without giving anything away, she said it was SPECTACULAR! Check out the fab photos!

Speaking of Bond, we haven't heard from the scary villain Blofeld for a while... must be at least 20 years! We've managed to track him down!

Evil Bond Villain Blofeld Calls Julian & Rachel

He sounds like he's doing well!

On Monday we have an exciting new competition for you to do with Bonfire Night. It's called Whizz or Bang! All will be revealed in the week when Ed returns, until then, have a WONDERFUL weekend!

See you soon.

Julian & Rach x

Ed and Rachel