28/01/2013 - Rocky Horror

Rachel is off to see Rocky Horror tonight, and she isn't a fan of dressing up.

Most of you thought this was ridiculous!

I've seen rocky horror 12x and everyone dresses up whatever night it is, the few people that wear clothes become targets for our water pistols!!! 

I've been. Rachel should get dressed up.

Dressing up is a must, it doesn't have to be stockings can be riff raff Columbus or just a party goer, but still a must. Go for it LOVE IT!!

Going for my birthday on Saturday, definitely dressing up, its the law!

We went all dressed up and got pulled over by the police :D 

I have been to see the Rocky Horror and everyone I went with dressed up it was such a laugh Rachel should get dressed up.

I'm going to Rocky Horror for the 6th time on Friday. First time I went I didn't dress up and felt very out of place. LOVE IT! I'm going out drinking afterwards in my costume.

You can't go without dressing up. It's the main part of the fun!

Rach. Do a maid. Less revealing!

You have too Rach. You'll feel really underdressed if you don't.

Dressing up is definitely a must - we'll find out if Rachel did dress up on Tuesday! 

We also found out that the key to a successful marriage is getting a full nights sleep, and Ed was beaten by his 8 year old son at a maths test!

This morning we launched our Have a Heart Appeal - Get baking!