29/01/2013 - Girlie Gripes

You know those things that really annoy you? We've been letting it all out this morning.

Here are some of your annoyances!

My biggest hate that only men seem to do is whistle songs! Really gets on my Wick!

People who park too near or over the line of a parking bay! Grrr!

Tights with a fall down crotch , that make you walk like you had an accident! 

Unisex clothes stores, why do they only have a sock and a few shirts the rest of the whole store womans clothes. 

My other half moans when I hoover the sofa where he sits because I fluff the pillows after and he says he can not get comfortable because his mould has gone. 

Empty cereal boxes left in the cupboard grrr

Cutlery left in the bottom of the washing up bowl, i'm sure my girls think the fairies come overnight and wash it all.

Getting you handbag strap caught on the handbrake whenyou're getting out of a car! Sitting on the loo - past the point of no return & only then finding that you've used the last sheet of loo roll & the new one is in the next room! DILEMMA! 

Scratchy labels at neck line. When are manufactures going to learn to sew them at side of garment!!! 

Empty loo rolls! Aaarrrrghhhhh

We're back on Wednesday :)