30/01/2013 - Cheeky Purchases

Rochelle from The Saturdays has spent $23,000 on new furniture for the house and told Marvin on skype!!!

We wanted to know if you've ever bought something, and your partner has literally said WHAT?!

I used to tell my husband that things I bought cost more than they did, so when I told him the real price he was relieved :-)

 brought a puppy once the huge amount of money I spent for it weighed more than the puppy ( a little toy pom) I called hubby at fishing... he nearly died!!! 

I booked 3 weeks in Florida last year without agreement from her that must control all expenditure. Then later on booked a paid for a day trip to Lapland. My wife went wild.

I went away for the weekend in France with my father in law for a few beers and we came back owning a 10 acre fishing lake. My wife was that impressed we are now separated

A tattoo ! I was subjected to tears, tantrums and the silent treatment for over a month!

55k on a car and she never spoke for a week.

I bought some seat covers for our outdoor furniture which were £20 each which I thought was a bargain especially considering they were the exact same green we were decorating our lounge and dining room with! I tried to explain this to my hubby but he did not have the same thinking and drove me back to the shop to give it back!!! I suppose, in hindsight, we were saving for our wedding at the time.

I bought 3 Jensen cars, not one of them a runner. My family want to section me.

Went to auction for a compressor, phoned wife, brought a tractor. Not the bad news. Then had to buy a trailer to bring it home.

I brought a new car and just turned up in it!

Oops, some of you may still be in the doghouse for those impulse purchases!!

Thanks for 'fessing up, we're back on Thursday.