30/10/2012 - It's Halloween Eve

Happy Halloween eve! Rachel said to us yesterday that it's IMPOSSIBLE to scare her! Challenge accepted!

She's a tough cookie Rachel, physically and mentally. She believes that there's an explanation for everything and the only things she's frightened of (that we're aware) are oversized chains, the kind you'd see on a cruise ship and electric carving knives! We don't have any of those things in the studio, that'd be dangerous, so we asked for you help...

Tell us a scary, spooky, unexplainable story to freak her out.

Here are some of your tales...

When I was 11 I had a crucifix on my wall and when I went to the bathroom and came back it was behind the wardrobe. It was the opposite side of the wall. How did it get there? No one else was in the house. I put it back up and went downstairs and when I came back a photo of my friend was stuck where Jesus is on the crucifix. My friend died 13 years later. Creepy 

I took a picture of my grandson in the rear view mirror last week. He was sitting in his car seat in my car. When i blew up the pic on my phone. You can clearly see a mans face next to him in the pic. Its not me!

Lots of things happened in house where i grew up. Pictures fell off wall hooks still in and string not broken. Glasses moved while you watched. Lots of people came and would hee a small dog.

I had my dad's best suit jacket fall down the stairs and land on my head while I was home alone... The suit in question had been locked in Dad's wardrobe upstairs. Explain that Rach!

Here's Rachel explaining Jo's story!

Rachel Explaining The Unexplainable...

Thanks for all your stories, we don't think Rachel was spooked.....yet!

Speak to you bright and early,

Ed & Rachel x