31/01/2013 - Pass List

Come on, we're all allowed a list of those hot celebs that we can take a chance on without any grief if they came along.

Here are some of the guys and girls on your lists!

My pass out would be Gerard Butler

My pass out would be Danny from The Script mmmmm.

Hugh Jackman as Van Helseing. With hat and cape!!

Mine would be David Essex, loved him for years.

Tom Daley! omnomnomnomnomnom!!


James Corden!

Mine would be Marti Pellow mmm and my husbands is Julia Bradbury.

I know this is really really wrong but mine is Sylvester Stallone.

Paul Hollywood would be top of my list. He could roll my dough any time.

My list would consist of Kate Beckingsale, Megan fox and Mila Kunis 

David Beckham, Tom hardy, Scott Disak, Sean bean Joe hart, oh the list is endless!

Mine is Adam Ant. My husband has taken me to see him twice in the last few years.

I'd enjoy a pass out with Will.I.Am.

Sharon Osborne. That's coming from a 20 year old.

Mine is Jenson Button and my boyfriends is Maria Sharapova! 

What a bunch of hotties!!!

We're back on... FRIDAY!