31/10/12 - Happy Halloween!

Rachel claims to not be scared of anything, so Ed has set up a Halloween Challenge to try and see how true that is...

We've tried telling her spooky stories and sharing encounters with the unexpected, but it didn't scare Rachel as she had an explanation for anything! For example, a listener sent us a photograph he took of his little boy. When looking back at the photo, there was a mystery head next to him! Rachel's explanation? Must have been a reflection from somewhere, next problem!

Lots of you got in touch and there was one common theme, to spend an night at The Station Hotel in Dudley. Quite a few of you say you've spent the night in there and odd things happened, particularly in the cellar.

Listener Kate got in touch, and here's what happened when she stopped the night...

Listener Kate tells us about her spooky experience at The Station Hotel, Dudley

That is creepy. We had to make this happen and put Rachel's fearless persona to the test. Ed's got in touch with the Station Hotel and we've arranged Rachel to experience the haunted cellar herself! She will be stopping the night, and we will film everything that goes on for all to see. Do you think she will be scared?

Here's another story from Chris who works at the hotel, who told me he had spooky things happen to him just last week!

Chris from The Station Hotel tells us a famous story...

Think it's pretty clear Rachel will not be alone, find out what happens tonight on tomorrow's show!

See you in the morning. Have a spooktacular day.