Baby Labour Names


An amazing thing happened in the heart of Birmingham's shopping district. A new life came into being, and their first sight was that of Primark.

A lady gave birth in front of shocked onlookers in the middle of the street! It has led to some suggesting she should name her baby Primani or Prima, in honour of the momentous occasion (and location).

But it got us thinking. If we all named our children after the place we were in when the labour began, what would the children be called?

This really got you going with around 600 comments on our Facebook page and hundreds of texts coming into the studio. Lots of you seemed to be in a shopping mood moments before beginning labour. Linda in Burton's daughter would be called "PC World" while lots of you would have children called "ASDA".

Donna's child would be called "Bingo" while Michelle would have been called "Speedway" had her parents gone with that technique for her name.

Listen to hear Ed and Rachel go through a few more names and talk to someone who even renamed the place they went into labour!