Breakfast Blog: Answering the Ultimate Christmas Questions


So this morning we answered the ultimate Christmas question - What is better, Quality street or Roses?

We were inundated with calls and texts, and the final outcome was... Roses?! Much to Ed and Rachel's disappointment!

Have a listen back here to what you had to say about it:

Breakfast Blog: Quality Street Vs. Roses!

Ed then decided to do a blindfolded chocolate taste test on Rachel to see if she could tell the difference between the two chocolates! Have a listen back here to what happen:

Breakfast Blog: Chocolate Taste Test

We also got you to text in anomalously what you really wanted for Christmas to make our own ultimate Christmas Wish List! Here were some of our favorites:




Male  40s Ferrari F40 
Female  30s Latest I-ron 
Female  30s  Engagement Ring
Female  40s  £600 to pay for the repairs on the car
Child  10s Dog
Female  30s Xbox with Fifa 14
Female  50s Drum kit
Female  30s  Long Fur Coat
Female  30s Large Black Handbag
Female  20s No No
Female  30s Ipad Air
Female  20s New Ted Baker Purse
Male  30s CR450 Motor Cross 
Female  20s New Flat Screen 

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