Breakfast Blog: Ed and Rachel Are Off To Fly A Plane

Fly Ed or Fly Rachel Pilots

On Friday's show Ed made the claim that he thinks a pilot's job is easy and that even he would be able to fly a commercial plane. 

We then had an unexpected call from West Midlands pilot, Pablo Mason, who explained to Ed that he didn't think he would be able to fly a plane... 

If you missed it listen back to the call here:

Breakfast Blog: How Easy Is It To Be A Pilot?

Then on this morning's show Ed and Rachel were told that they were going to get the chance to actually find out for themselves how easy it is to land a plane. 

So we thought we would get you involved by choosing who's plane you would like to sit on - would you rather 'Fly Ed' or 'Fly Rachel'. If you missed it on this morning's show have a listen back here: 

Heart Breakfast: Fly Ed or Fly Rachel?

Tune in tomorrow to see who manages to land their plane, and whether or not you picked the right plane! 

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