Breakfast Blog: It Appears That Posh Spice Wasn't Always Quite So Posh

Researchers have revealed that the Beckham's have changed their accents to sound less working class, so we thought we'd have a listen back to how they used to sound.

Using YouTube videos from before and after the high profile couple's 2007 move to America, one team found that Becks was less likely to drop his 'H's and use cockney sounding vowel sounds.

Another team found that Posh was nowadays more likely to pronounce the 'L' at the end of words such as 'all'.

According to the students, in her days with the Spice Girls she would have made 'all' sound like 'aw', in line with the way working class people speak in the South East of England.

So have a listen back here to here how Victoria Beckham used to speak, compared to her voice now. You won't quite believe the difference. 

Listen Again: It Appears Victoria Beckham Sounds Slightly Posher These Days

Ed and Rachel