Breakfast Blog: Top 10 Man Jobs At Christmas

Christmas Couple

Ed has admitted he is quite lazy on Christmas Day so we asked you to help us come up with The Top 10 Man Jobs!

We all know Christmas Day is busy and rather hectic, and normally its the women in the house doing all the work. Ed has admitted that apart from buying the booze, he doesn't do much.

So we asked you for the jobs men do in your house, and together we compiled The Top 10 Man Jobs At Christmas...

Here is the final list:


1. Get the tree

2. Get the booze

3. Put up the outside lights

4. Collect old relatives 

5. Light the christmas pudding

6. Carving the turkey

7. Put the toys together

8. Make the first cup of tea

9. Film kids opening presents

10. Put the mince pie and sherry out for Santa


To hear some of your suggestions, listen back here: Breakfast Blog: Top 10 Man Jobs At Christmas


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