Late For The Bridal Party

wedding bride

Rachel's wedding day is less than two weeks away and yet again Ed is trying to "help" her with the planning.

Ed's theory was that it is the "done thing" for brides to be late to their wedding and, as his role at Rachel's wedding is to make sure all is ready for her, he would help by making sure she was late!

Rachel wasn't sure about this idea and felt that most brides are late for their weddings through no fault of their own. It's usually traffic or a problem with the car or make up or similar.

So, we put it to the test and asked you for your stories of bridal lateness. Lucy told us that she was on time, but her husband was late as he was so busy decorating their reception venue he forgot what time it was. On the plus side, the church rang the bells for them to fill the time! Sandra was late as one of her page boys forgot his shirt so her dad had to go and buy him a new one from the supermarket!

Listen to this clip to hear Ed and Rachel talking to Jan who had quite an experience that made her late: