Breakfast Blog: What Ridiculous Arguments Do You Have With Your Partner?

It has been revealed that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge unwind at home by playing SCRABBLE – but rarely finish a game before one of them slams the board shut in a huff.

Rachel completely agreed with this and said that her and Chris will always argue over scrabble and each one thinks the other is cheating! 

So we wanted to know what ridiculous things always cause an argument in your household, and there were some very funny answers! 

Listen back to some of them here: 

Listen Again: The Ridiculous Arguments Couples Have

Here were some of your texts: 

The door bein open 4 the cat! Im not unreasonable tho i give every1 a blanket! - Ruth north field x
Cheese grater x
The dog! - Hannah x 
Asking for directions, he will never give in that he has lost his way! - Sharon