21/01/2013 - Snow Day

The weather may be causing absolute havoc on the roads, but most of us have got a snow day!!

Today was meant to be the most depressing day of the year known as Blue Monday, but most people are staying home today to play in the snow!

Friday was a different matter, some of you were stuck for hours!!

Took 5 hrs 10 mins to get from Longbridge to Sutton Coldfield on Friday through Birmingham. I had a large chunk of cheese and a bottle of milk that I had taken from the fridge at work to keep me going!

Took me just under 2hrs walked from Broad Street to Smethwick. 

From Erdington to Sutton 1 and half hours! My husband was driving me around, he opened the sun roof and the snow fell in all over me so we had a snow ball fight in the car the other drivers were laughing!

A 10 min journey took 2hrs on friday.

Took me 3 and a half hours, had to walk from Edgbaston to Summer Lane to get bus!

I changed my tire in the snow today I wasn't laughing when I couldn't feel my fingers.

You all deserve medals for sticking it out in the snow!!

I hope you've got your feet up with a hot chocolate today.

We're back tomorrow morning with all of the latest travel updates and school closures x