What Do Men Lie About Most?

A survey has found that the average man lies three times every single day – or more than 1,000 times each year, compared to the average woman who lies just once each day.

Women are most likely to lie about their emotions, with 27 per cent admitting that their most regular lie was ‘I’m fine’. 

But we wanted you to guess what men were to lie about most! Listen back here to some of your guess: 

Listen Again: What Do Men Lie About Most?

Check out some of your text guesses too, they are pretty hilarious...

No1 guy lie "no love- 'course you DON'T look fat in that ...." ! No2 lie " ....I DID notice you'd had a haircut. I was just about to tell you how lovely it looks...." (from Wendy ) 
Sorry I'm late love I got stuck on the M6 I only had time for 1 pint honest!
Does my bum look big in this?? Course it doesn't love!! Elvis the postie West Brom.
Of course i love you lol
Turns out the most common lie men tell, with 45 per cent admitting to doing so most regularly, was that they’d done something they were supposed to have done but hadn’t.