Who Put That There?

Loom bands by the toilet

Ed walked into his bathroom over the weekend to find a bowl of those pesky loom bands over the weekend. His kids clearly love them that much!

So, we wanted to know when you've found something where it really shouldn't have been.

It seems that across the West Midlands lots of homes are putting things in bizarre places and it seems that we only have ourselves to blame!

Julie in Wolverhampton couldn't find her house keys for two days, until she moved the milk in the fridge and there they were! Claire in Aldridge once found a Yorkshire Pudding under her pillow, no it wasn't a Yorkshire fairy, it was her dog deciding that was the best place for it.

Animals were a common theme for your finds. Niki's mum lost her glasses and couldn't find them for days. Not sure why she didn't just look in the bag of dry cat food earlier!

Listen to this clip to hear Chris describe a strange swapping of items that happened in his house: