Ed and Rachel's Sunflower Challenge

Are your kids doing a sunflower growing competition? Remember when they used to do them on those kids TV shows when you were a nipper?

Well, we don't think it's fair that kids get to have all the fun! So, we've launched our very own #SunflowerChallenge.

Ed invited you to text in during the show to take part and loads of you did, so expect a seed on your doorstep! When it arrives we want you to get it planted and then keep us in loop as to how the growing is going. Give us a tweet @heartbreakfast and use the hashtag #SunflowerChallenge.

The challenge has started!!

And excitement is in the air...

But we're not sure everyone is playing by the rules are they Shane?!

Shane's sunflower in a beer can

Send us the latest developments, or check them out yourself, using the hashtag #SunflowerChallenge.