Get Gary at the Wedding

Gary Barlow

Did you tweet something in a moment of haste over the festive period? Was it something you think you might come to regret?

We think Gary Barlow might have done just that. On New Year's Eve he tweeted this:

Followed by this:

What an opportunity! You don't hear of offers like that these days. Could it be magic? He'll be there for ages if he's going to sing a million love songs. He's not going to announce which weddings he'll perform at, he's just going to turn up! So you'll have to have a little patience… ahem. Unfortunately this isn't for those who are already married - so you'll need something else to relight your fire. 

OK we'll stop now.

Sarah got in touch to let us know that she's a massive fan of Gary and is getting married this year. Her campaign has started and Ed and Rachel wanted to know all about her plans: