Glynn Purnell’s BBQ Breakfast Challenge!

20 June 2018, 10:39 | Updated: 10 August 2018, 09:22

Glynn Purnell BBQ

Ever wondered how the best chefs cook WITHOUT the fancy equipment? We gave Michelin Star Chef Glynn Purnell a disposable BBQ and found out!

Picture the scene.

It’s raining. Glynn Purnell, one of Birmingham’s best chefs, is crouched over a BBQ worth a whopping £1.99. The challenge; cook a full English Breakfast using only foil, a disposable BBQ and a few select ingredients.

Could he do it? The future of everyone’s rainy, budget BBQs were at stake…

Working with lightning speed, Glynn grabbed the bacon, sausage, egg and beans (yes, beans - we weren’t going to make it easy!), and worked his magic…

So now you know what’s possible - rain is no longer a good enough excuse to call off the family BBQ at the weekend!