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Wednesday 10th October

We're half way through the week and it's all about Dave today, as Mr Cameron is giving his big speech in Birmingham! But what we wanted to know this morning was...who's your fave Dave? Is it David Cameron?

Everyone knows a Dave, it's the rules! Here are some of your Fave Daves...

David Beckham

David Essex

David Bowie

The Hoff!

Fave Dave

We also wanted to know, what speeches have you done or seen that went wrong?

Here are some of your stories...

Ex bro in law gave 40 minute PowerPoint presentation at start of his wife's 40th party!!

Went to a friends wedding and the groom got up to say thanks to his bride and he called her his ex-wifes name!

I was doing a speech I was so nervous I was sick, nice way to say thank you from me!

Thanks for waking up with us!

Ed & Rachel x

Tuesday 9th October

This morning, we discovered that 8% of girls carry this item in your handbag.

It's not a phone, (too obvious) hammer, mirror, latex gloves, nor this guess from Ian...

8% of girls carry what in their handbag - Ian

We can reveal that 8% of girls carry...

Hand Bag Reveal

Also on today's show, we shared with you that Ed's partner Den, has given him access to a separate bank account.n He's a hen picked husband! Here are some of your hen-pecking stories!...

We have separate bank accounts, but his account is joint with my name, i pay all his bills ... he has NO access to my account.

I have my own account nobody knows about on top of the kitchen cupboards secret stash never hurt anyone!

I'm completely in charge in our house I most definitely wear the trousers.

My dad would hide his money in the cistern pull. He said my mom had her hands on his money everyday but couldn't spend it!

Thanks for your stories, looks like Ed's not alone!

See you when you wake up!

Monday 8th October

This morning, we discovered that on average we laugh 15 times day! We’re all guilty of being a bit of a grump and having a moan on a Monday, so lets turn that outside down with a Monday morning experiment.

How many times do Ed and Rachel laugh each morning? Or in scientific terms, we’re going to work out their LR / PS (laugh rate per show)

Cue the laughter!

Ed and Rachel laughing

Was you able to count the number of laughs?

Here are the results,

Ed laughed 54 times

Rachel laughed 51 times

No laughter recession here!

Happy Monday! See you in the morning!

Friday 5th October 

Today has been named James Bond day, as it has been 50 years since the first James Bond film was released. So Ed and Rachel put a call out to all those named bond, in the hope that they could meet an actual 'James Bond' and to stop Ed doing his awful Bond impressions! 

Listen back to how it went here:

The real 'Bonds'

Today was also world teacher day, and Ed and Rachel were discussing what pranks they did at school! Turns out they were a pretty naughty pair! 

So we thought we'd find out how naughty our listeners were at school, and what pranks you all played!

You can listen back to some of them here:

What pranks did you play at school?

Here were some of your texts:

One of the best I ever saw was a friend threw a prit stick on the ceiling over the teachers desk before he came in class. Then when he was taking register the prit stick fell on to his desk and he totally jumped out of his skin hahaha!

When I was in a maths lesson me and friend used our ink cartridge pens to flick ink up teachers back every time he turned to board. It started off as a white shirt ended up being two tone blue. We got in serious trouble for that. 

Me and my mates used to rub vic vapour rub under our eyes so they would go red and water then say we had bad eyes! Then got sent home with eye infection!

We unscrewed the woodwork classroom door hinges, so that when the school bully kicked the door open, which he always did, it fell down flat into the classroom! Very loudly!!   

Put the bunsen burner on the water tap and sprayed the class!

My friend and I used exlax chocolate in the krispie cakes for the staff meeting ha ha .

Looks like there are no angels here! We are very happy that we didn't have to teach any of your classes! 

Have a great weekend! We will be back bright and early Monday morning!

Thursday 4th October

Rather than put pen to paper and write romantic words to a loved one it seems that we now prefer to use digital media to send our messages of love.

A tiny per cent of women and men have said that they still write love letters but almost 100 per cent of women and men have said they now take to email to send messages of love.

Research found that the favourite way to express love through an email or text was with multiple kisses on the end.

However, Ed and Rachel just couldn't believe that no one sends love letters any more. So wanted to know if any listeners still had or sent any, or what people had kept from their past relationships. 

You can listen back to some of the stories here:

What people have kept from past relationships

Here were some of your texts:

I keep a pair of socks and a hairdryer.

I still have the piece of paper my wife wrote down my number on when we first met 13 years ago! 

I kept my old boyfriends earring and some if his other piercings.

I still have a little necklace that spins and spells 'I love you'. I had it from my first boyfriend at 13 - 43 years ago x.

I have kept all the poems I wrote when I was in previous relationships.

Thanks for all your great calls and texts, our faith in romance has been restored!

We will be back tomorrow for lots more fun and laughter!

Wednesday 3rd October

On Heart Breakfast, Rachel had found online 9 ways to impress a man, which included: 

  1. Fix Him Dinner in Your Best Outfit
  2. Draw Him a Steamy Bath
  3. Say "Thanks"
  4. Initiate a Surprise Smooch
  5. Pack His Lunch
  6. Stock His Kitchen - Before a big game
  7. Give Him Man-Time
  8. Make a Spotify Playlist
  9. Plan a Cool Outing
Now Rachel thought these were pretty lame, and Ed admitted that he would not be impressed with them. So we decided, with some help from you, to put together a list of how to impress a man.
You can listen back to some of your ideas here:
Here are some of texts: 
Take of his shirt after work and walk around in it, but just the shirt!
Take him for a night out - curry, few beers and then Spearmint Rhino!
Tell him you play call of duty.. Simple!
Mow the lawn in your bikini to impress your man, the smell of sweet fresh cut grass works for me!
A special cuddle when you think you have no chance!
Fix his car. 
Now we just hope that some of these ideas will impress our men!

Tuesday 2nd October

On this morning's show Ed found a number of unusual items in Rachel's handbag including a tape measure, a note written in Spanish and even some circular soffit vents! 

This got Ed and Rachel thinking, what strange things have you (or your lady) been carrying round in your handbag... be warned some of these may shock you!

You can listen back here: 

Whats in a women's handbag?

Here were some of your texts:

Ashes from the funeral directors....and they spilled out...a bit of nanna went all over my trousers...bless her she was a joker.

A rotten banana!

kids teeth.

I'm a door woman and when searching a ladies handbag she had her dead cats whiskers.

I keep the placentas from my 3 childbirths in my bag, they bring me good luck. 

We couldn't quite believe some of the things you all had in your handbags, but they did make us laugh!

We will be back again tomorrow, bright and early, so don't miss it!

Monday 1st October

Not only has October arrived but it's world vegetarian day. So this morning on Heart Breakfast, Ed and Rachel decided to put vegetables into song titles! If you missed it you can listen back to some of your ideas here:

Veg in song titles

Here are some texts from you guys as well:

Peas peas me

Lettuce be lettuce be

If Tomato Never Comes

Papa don't peach 

You SPINACH me right round

Swede the world!

Your texts were great and really made us laugh!

Tune in again tomorrow for lots more fun and laughter.

Friday 28th September 

On this morning's breakfast show Ed and Rachel revealed that September is supposedly the worst month of the whole year for relationship break ups. 

So Ed and Rachel thought they should help out by getting you to release your grievances before they built up!! They asked you guys to text in and tell them any tiny annoying thing about your partner and get it off your chest.  

You can listen back to how it went here:

Ed and Rachel give some relationship advice

Also, here are some of your moans about your other half:

Hes still breathing!

He keeps in touch with his ex behind my back about their son who has lived with his dad then me since she walked out ehen he was 5 - hes now. 19!! 

My boyfriend lies about silly stuff, and he don't realise I catch him out and he contradicts himself.

My other half asks me questions just to see if I know the answer (usually when he knows I don't) it's all the time about silly things like I'm always being tested and it makes me feel stupid (though I'm certainly not!) very irritating! I feel like stapling his mouth shut at times!! 

Its got to be not changing the toilet roll when its gone!

Thanks for all your great moans! We hope its made you fell better!

Have a great weekend and Ed and Rachel will be back with you Monday morning! 

Thursday 27th September

On this mornings Heart breakfast show, Ed told Rachel that supposedly it costs £50, 000 to hire JLS for an evening!!! 

So Ed thought he would see if Rachel could guess how much it costs to hire other famous stars and celebrities!

If you missed it, you can check out how well Rachel did here:

How much is it to hire a celebrity?

We are back tomorrow morning, so make sure you tune in!

Wednesday 26th September

It's Rachel's first day at university today, so Ed thought he would do a little quiz with her on this morning's show to see if she would fit in and if she knows the 'student lingo'. 

If you missed it you can listen back here: 

Rachel's University Challange

Tune in tomorrow morning bright and early to she how she got on!

Tuesday 25th September

On Heart Breakfast this morning, Ed and Rachel revealed that the average marriage lasts for 11 years and 6 months. 

As Rachel's marriage lasted longer than this average, she decided to give Heart's listeners some tips for a 'Happy Marriage', with 'A guide to a happy marriage, from a girl that lasted longer than average'. 

We also wanted to know what your tips were to a happy marriage, if you missed it you can listen back here:

Happy Marriage tips

You also had some great advice, which you can check out here:

Live with them for a year before u marry! Be surprised some of their habits drive u nuts. ;p

Let them have the spare telly to watch the football all they want in a different room. 

Need to know basis. he doesnt need to know how much i spent on a new dress he just needs to know i look fantastic in it.

Treat them mean, make them clean!

Thanks for all your great tips! 

We will back again tomorrow morning so make sure you tune in!

Monday 24th September 

On this morning's Breakfast show, Ed and Rachel revealed the next artist on Heart's Love Music Live event! If you missed it, make sure you check it out here:

Love Music Live

Also Rachel has finally had enough of Ed's constant Tweeting, Facebook-ing and what's app-ing, therefore he has been banned from using his smart phone for one whole week! Do you think he will last? Keep tuning in to the show, to see how he is coping!  

We will be back tomorrow with lots more exciting things, so make sure you tune in!!

Friday 21st September

Today was an extremely special day here in the studio! Not only did we give away £5000 to one lucky listener to spend on their home, curtsy of Leekes, but we also had a proposal on air!!!

If you missed it you can listen back here:


Rachel will be back with Ed on Monday morning, so make sure you tune in!  

Thursday 20th September

Without Rachel on this mornings breakfast show, there was no one to control Ed and so things quickly got quite cheeky! Ed was talking about things you might hear in the kitchen that sound rude... but aren't! 

You can listen back to some of your calls and texts here:

Naughty Kitchen

We also had the legend John Tyler in on the show... so make sure you check out the interview if you missed it!!

Tune in tomorrow to see what Ed gets up to before Rachel returns to the show next week (Thankfully)!!!

Wednesday 19th September

On this morning's breakfast show Ed was talking about how it is international talk like a pirate day OOOO ERRRR!!!! So in the spirit of all things piratey we decided to give away four tickets to the Birmingham Hippodrome Pantomime 'Robinson Crusoe' for the person with the best pirate joke! 

Here are some of your jokes:

What's a pirates favourite shop? Aaaaaargos! 
What did R2 D2 dress up as at Halloween? Arrrr2 d2.
Why don't pirates go to the moon ? Because it's to FARRRRRRRR...
What do pirates like on their toast? Orange M-ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-malade!
What did the pirate say when his wooden leg got stuck in the freezer? Shiver me timbers! 
You can also check out the winning pirate joke EEEEERRRRRR... 
Enjoy yeee day meeee hearteeeesss.. we'll be back tomorrow morning' with more activity and fun!!

Tuesday 18th September

It was Rachel's last morning this week because she is off to Italy tomorrow (do not worry though she will be back with us next Monday!). So Ed decided to test her Italian with some catch phrases that he thought might come in handy whilst she is on holiday! 

You can listen back to it here:

Rach's Italian Lesson

Thanks for tuning in today, Ed will be back with you tomorrow morning!!

Monday 17th September 

It's monday again, and we thought what's a better way of starting the week than to give away lots of cool prizes, including tickets to see George Michael and £250 to spend in Leeks! 

Rachel also told Ed about how a man proposed to his partner on a log ride… but she had no idea until they collected their souvenir photo! 

Lawrence Key persuaded his friends to hold up pieces of paper spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’ with an arrow pointing to Sophie Stock sitting in the front of the flume.

As soon as she set eyes on the picture, Lawrence dropped on to one knee and she said yes! Then Lawrence swept her off her feet and whisked her away to Rome for a romantic three-day city break.

This got us wanting to know about some of your proposal stories... good AND bad. 

You can listen back to some of your calls here:

Marriage Proposals

Here are some of your texts also: 

My hubby was sitting on the floor of a caravan, i thought he was messing around so i said no. I didn't believe him until he got upset after asking me about twenty times!
My husband proposed in front of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderellas Castle in Disney Florida.
We had been out shopping in brume and when we got back to his moms he handed me a box and said 'you better put this on if you want to marry me'.
I proposed to my wife after not seeing her for a month. She went to America, I went to india. On arrival back I was dressed in a gorilla outfit coming through customs.
I planned a romantic proposal at the the moulin rouge in Paris. It was going well until all the dancers came out topless. It killed the moment so proposed at our hotel instead. Seemed to work out though as it's our 5 year anniversary in November.
Thanks for all your great calls and texts. They really made us giggle and swoon here in the studio. 
We will be back tomorrow morning so make sure you tune in!  

Friday 14th September

The weekend is finally here and we have had a super show (mainly because we got to speak to both Glynn Purnell and Martine McCutcheon!). 

Ed and Rach at Purnell's Martine with Ed and Rach


On this morning's show we heard how Ed and Rachel were lucky enough to have their black forest gateaus tried by the one and only Michelin star chef, Glynn Purnell! Which, if you missed, you can check out on our Breakfast Bake-off page!

They also got to speak to the lovely Martine McCutcheon about Style Birmingham. Ed and Rachel thought, for old times sake, that whilst Martine was in the studio, they should also quiz her on her knowledge on how characters were killed off in Eastenders.

You can listen back to how well she did here: 

Martine McCutcheon on the show

We will be back bright and early Monday morning, so make sure your listening!

Thursday 13th September

What an exciting morning it has been here in the studio! Not only was it the Ed and Rachel Breakfast Bake-off (which you check out on our Heart Breakfast home page or on our Facebook page) but we were also discussing celebrities that you hate for no real reason!!!

You can listen back here to a clip of Rachel and a number of listeners ranting about celebrities they just can't stand!

Hating celebs

Here are some of the texts you sent in:

I cannot stand Tulisa the bumped up chav who everyone is bowing down to. She even tries to diss the likes of kelly rowland and Nicole Scherz ... What's that all about??? 
I totally hate gerri halliwell, she is so full of herself and has no reason 2 be. Not sure why i hate her particularly more than others!
SJP makes me cringe! 
Rav the ex crimewatch bloke. Just physically hate him for reasons I can't put my finger on.
Thanks for all your great text and calls! 

We will be back again tomorrow morning for lots more fun and laughter... so make sure you tune in!

Wednesday 12th September

Ed was back with us this morning on Heart Breakfast and he was very lucky to have a yummy chocolate milkshake made for him here in the studio by our very own Rachel... all because it was chocolate milkshake day!!!

Also, did you know that there are rumours of an announcement today about the new iPhone five (this got us very excited here in the studio) and we were wondering what would be your fantasy app for the new iPhone? 

Here are some of your texts, calls and tweets:

'I'm low on milk at home' app!

An app that would tell me the mood in the house before i get home would be handy. 

An app that would stop you eating. 

An to know when i have upset the wife.
I need an app to tell me where my boss is so i can have a lie in bed. 
My fantasy app would deliver my Fantasy Man to my door - currently Oscar Pistorius... Gods above, the man's beautiful!
Boyfriend tracker!!!! 
We loved all your suggestions this morning and we are keeping our fingers crossed that some of these might even be on the new iPhone (especially the one that stops you eating!!!).
On this morning's show Ed and Rachel were also talking about how new research suggests that people can be physically healthy and fit, even if they are considered obese. 

Researchers looked at data of over 43,000 US people and found that being overweight per se did not pose a big health risk. It was concluded that those obese people that were metabolically healthy, who did not suffer from conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, were generally fitter and exercised more than other obese people.

The research highlights once again the important role of physical fitness as a health marker. 

Make sure you also check out the page for Ed and Rach's Breakfast Bake-off - which will be concluded on tomorrow mornings show! 

So make sure you tune in bright and early!

Tuesday 11th September 

This morning we had the lovely Julian on the show with Rachel - as unfortunately Ed was poorly and tucked up at home in bed! 

It was finally the end of the Olympics and Paralympics yesterday, which got us thinking here in the studio, what a year it has been for Britain! However it isn't over, and we wanted to know what you were looking forward to in the next few months - we put a ban on the C word (still far to early for christmas to be mentioned to Rach!).

Here were some of your texts:

I'm looking forward 2 my son tony coming home from afghanistan at the end of october :)  
I'm looking forward to 2 weeks in Orlando with my hubby and my lovely little boy!! 
Looking forward to Lapworth Scarecrow Festival this weekend (15-16th sept!) 
Getting married on Friday.
Running up a mountain in switzerland in two weeks for Marie curie Solihull Big Build project!!! 
I'm going to see Michael McIntyre on Friday, woop whoop.
So looking forward to my nieces wedding on saturday.
My paralympian son ryan comin home and havin a glitterball in oct.
Looking forward to my honeymoon trip to paris 35 years celebration of marriage.
Thanks for all your great responses, they put us in a great mood here in the studio!
Rachel and Julian also talked about one of the strangest proposals they had ever heard of. A Russian business man decided to test his girlfriend love before popping the question by faking his own death through hiring a stuntman, make-up artist, screenwriter, and a director. 

When his girlfriend arrived at the scene, she was told that he had died, only for him to walk out of the ambulance with flowers, balloons and an engagement ring in hand. After a few tears, and an angry exclamation, she calmed down and actually accepted his proposal!

I guess he can now be certain that is future wife really does 'love him to death'. 

Also make sure you check out our clips from Little Mix's new Autobiography that we have been playing on the show and have now uploaded on to our web page!

Hopefully Ed will be back with us tomorrow morning, so make sure you listen in!
Monday 10th September

It’s the start of another week – and Ed has been on deaths door here in the studio, thankfully he made it through today’s show though (due to some helpful throat sweets)!

This morning we were talking about our top embarrassing moments, as a recent survey found that we embarrass ourselves an average of four times a day.

A list was also complied of the top ten things that leave us red faced, which you can read here:

1.         Forgetting someone’s name when introducing them

2.         Tripping over in public

3.         Getting someone’s name wrong

4.         Food stains/splashes on your clothes

5.         Not being noticed by someone you’re waving at

6.         Getting food stuck in your teeth

7.         Thinking someone’s waving at you when they aren’t

8.         Being late

9.         Forgetting where you parked

10.        Burping accidentally

We are back tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Ed and Rachel x 

Friday 7th September

Firstly check out the video we made of Ed and Rach playing pass the parcel on yesterday's show: 

On a separate note, the weekend has finally arrived, and we have had a brilliant morning here in the studio. Not only has the sun come out to greet us, but Ellie Simmonds’ mum, Val, spoke to Ed and Rachel about how proud she is of Ellie and her fantastic performance in the Paralympics.

Also, did you know that it’s Grandparents day this Sunday? So we wanted to know what you guys called your grandparents.

Here are some of your answers:

My nan was known to us as 'nanny no teeth' - i still don’t know her real name.

My Grandad had a beard for all of 3 months during my early childhood. For the proceeding 20 years he’s been known as "Grandad Beard".

Nanny grab a stick.

My daughter use to call her great grandad gang gang, she could never say grandad.

I've got 4 Grandads and they are called, Grandad popeye, Grandad gadget, Grandad moaner and Grandad fingers. My daughter calls my mum nanny saggy cause she had a bath with her and said her boobs were saggy!

I used to call my Grandad ‘Grandad opelfruit’ as every time I saw him he gave me a pack!!!

We called my Grandad Umpy, which originated from Grumpy but my sister who couldn’t pronounce the G.

Nanny and Grandad Flipflop… Because regardless of the weather they wear bloody flipflops!

Thanks for all your texts; they really did make us laugh! 

Make sure you have a fantastic weekend, and Ed and Rachel will be back with you Monday morning! 

Thursday 6th September

What an exciting morning it has been here in the studio! It was Heart’s birthday today, so we decided to play the classic kids party game, pass the parcel. However, instead of the usual presents of yoyos, balloons and sweets, we gave out far more exciting things such as tickets to Michel McIntyre, a years worth of cinema tickets and a trip toParis!

On the show we also talked about how strange it was that Brad Pitt had bought Angelina Jolie a shooting range for their wedding gift. This, we felt, was probably not something most women wanted! So Ed and Rach wanted to know what unusual gifts have you been bought?

Here were some of your responses:

I once received light bulbs for Christmas. The light went out of the romance very quickly after that!!!

I got a can of slim fast and a top that didn’t fit!

My girl, Alison, bought me a bar of soap for my birthday!

I had an iron and kettle bought for me off the mrs.....

I got a butter dish for my birthday.

I had a dictionary.

A set of alloy wheels for my birthday and wellie socks for xmas :(((((

Thanks for all your great calls and texts this morning, it sounds like some people might need a few more hints on what a ‘good’ present is!!

See you bright and early again tomorrow morning!

Ed and Rachel x

Wednesday 5th September

On this mornings show Ed let slip that he had a crazy male maths teacher who used to wear heals and lipstick! This got us wanting to know about some of those mad teachers you had school.

Here are some of your responses:

My Science teacher used to have a pipette of water which she would squirt at someone in the class if they got the answer wrong!

We had a very odd science teacher who had six toes on one of his feet, which meant he had to wear sandals and socks because the extra toe stuck up vertically.

My son’s teacher had a spare chair next to her in assembly and at church, where her stuffed toy sheep sat.

A music teacher with a false eye, who also taught PE, spent the whole lesson shuffling around holding her eye in.

My geography teacher, used to change his socks halfway through a lesson by putting his feet up on the desk. He was 80 years old (or looked it!) and the sight of those wrinkled, gnarled feet was hideous.

I had an IT teacher that used to say don't bash the keys, or I'll bash you.

These were brilliant, and we couldn’t quite believe how strange some of your teachers were!

Back again tomorrow morning, bright and early, so make sure you’re listening.

Ed and Rachel x

Tuesday 4th September

This morning we had the one and only Cheryl Cole join us on the show! The actual Cheryl came on the show and told us about her new single and tour and answered a load of questions that she’d never been asked before! Listen back to her telling us about seeing Harry Styles in his pants and her potentially naughty dream about Rihanna!

Listen back here…

We are back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel (and Cheryl!) x

Monday 3rd September

So it’s the start of another week and officially the end of the holidays as everyone heads back to school and work. But the question Ed and Rach have been asking is what have you guys achieved this summer?

Here are some of your stories:

Hi its Amelia, I'm 11 from Worcester, when I went to Drayton Manor I went on 5 rides I haven't been on before, 3 were roller coasters and they went upside down. I am so proud.

I wrote a dissertation for a master’s degree.

I ran my first 10k and actually read six books!

I started new job in Warwickshire!

This summer I have achieved travelling toCosta Ricafor a month volunteering at a school for children with learning disabilities, painted a kindergarten and taught English! I've been snorkeling in thePacific Ocean, Tarzan swinging in the jungle! Horseback riding in the mountains, night safari through the jungle and most of all having the time of my life!

Liz from Nuneaton qualified as a nail technician!

I completed a city and guilds course in 10 hours! 

I got my garden sorted, and managed everything on to do list for holiday!

Thanks for your great calls and texts this morning, make sure you tune in again tomorrow for more fun and brilliant music with Ed and Rachel.

Friday 31st August

This morning on the show we were talking about movies that are dubbed into foreign languages! While Ed was on holiday, his kids were watchingAlvinand the Chipmunks in Spanish – they didn’t care that they couldn’t understand a word of it! So Ed set Rach the challenge of seeing if she could figure out what movie Ed was playing her a clip of… in a foreign language of course!

Have a listen back here…

We’re back on Monday morning when you wake up!

Thursday 30th August

On this morning’s show we wanted to know when you’ve turned up to the wrong place! Louise text in saying she went to the Hippodrome to see Legally Blonde – which is actually on at theAlexandraTheatre! Awkward!

Here are some of your great messages…

I went to NEC instead of icc to see Torville & Dean. Cost £6 for train from Coseley to b'ham international & £20 in taxi back to icc!

My brother turned up atsydneyairport at the wrong time for his flight home!

I rocked up at the wrong house for a house warming last weekend.

I went toNew Yorkwith my mum her friend and daughter. We had a great time so on the last day, we packed out bags, checked out of the hotel and got a taxi to the airport. We went to check in only to find that we had arrived at the airport a day early. We had to pay for four new tickets as we had no where to stay! The funny thing is, is that we had joked in the way to the airport "what if we were a day late"! I was only 15 so relying in the adults, but I still have to ask to this day, how can you get the wrong day for a flight?

My brother in law and his wife once sorted out baby sitters for a Friday night out at the grand theatre in wolves. Went in bought a programme and took their seats only for someone to come along 10mins later for the same seats. Not only were they a week early it was the wrong show!

We turned up inDublinfor front row tickets to Westlife a week late.

When I got married last year the taxis went to wrong hotel!

I turned up on the wrong day for a speed awareness course a day late and had to pay another £60! 

My colleague Keith had to go to the airport to collect a client and bring him back toCoventrybut went toLutoninstead of Stansted! Our visitor had to then wait whist he made his way across. He has never lived it down. 

Thanks for your messages this morning.

We’re back tomorrow (Friday!!!!!) morning when you wake up.

Wednesday 29th August

This morning on the show our very ownRachel Newgot naked – all in the name of science! We read a story that said that Lady Gaga was going to record her next album completely nude because apparently she sings better in the buff! So to test out this theory we put Rachel in another studio and got her to sing twice, once clothed and the other nude – and we had to work out which one she was singing naked in!

Listen back here…

Most of you guessed correctly!!!

She was naked first time! Rushed and flustered!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Tuesday 28th August

Ed is back from his holidays! Today Legally Blonde starts at theAlexandraTheatreinBirminghamand so we wanted to know about your greatest blonde moment! When have you done something that was just ridiculous!

Here are a few of your messages…

My partner supportsBirminghamcity fc. And said he is going toCoventryto watch the game later. And I asked who they playing!

I thought I was on level 11 on an iPod game until my son informed me it wasn’t eleven it was the pause button! 

I parked at merry hill, went back to my car to load the shopping car was not there, got security , called the police to be told that my car was on a different car park!

InBlackpoolmy daughter looked at the wind farm for ages then said I just don't get it its windy enough without having fans everywhere!

I was told by a friend of my son that, if Elvis Presley hadn't died, he would be alive today!

My friends mum said last week she was looking forward to the paraletic Olympics!

I was on my 3rd date at the time driving through Henley inArdenwhen I got a puncture I changed the tyre and was lowering the jack when Nicki ( my girlfriend ) asked how do u know when 2 take the jack out. I replied when the car is on the floor.

Once discussing drinking with colleagues I stated where most could drink most men under table I stated I could eat most men under the table! Not realising what I actually said, my friends just stared at me with a shocked look on their faces before I realised!  

Thanks for your great calls and texts this morning!

Ed and Rachel are back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Friday 24th August

The quest for the perfect pair of jeans is hitting the wallets of women in the UK hard, as a new study conducted by the leading discount website in the UK has revealed that the average female Briton spends £315 in her quest to find the perfect pair of jeans for her shape!

Today we asked you how many pairs of jeans you own? We were surprised to see how many men were getting involved!

Here's some of your texts:

I have about 8 pairs of jeans. A guy can never have enough surely? From Lewis 

Graham Country Said - I have 20 Pairs!

I own around 35 pairs of jeans! From Ana

Hi guys its Sarah from Redditch, I have 6 pairs of skinny jeans for the pulling days, and three pairs of baggy jeans for the round the house days. I recently got rid of 20 pairs though as I didn't wear them! 

My Girlfriend has 42 pairs! From Matt in Hinckley

Thanks for listening, have a great bank Holiday Weekend, Ed's back next week so tune in!

Julian and Rachel

Thursday 23rd August

It’s nearly the weekend! Today we’re talking about all those gadgets we have that we never use. It’s an expensive thing to do, unless it’s a gift of course, in which case is rather rude LOLZ. (that word was added to the Oxford Dictionary today)

Here are some of your useful (useless) gadgets!

I never used my ice cream maker it had a nice pic on the box.

i have a george foreman health grill thats getting fatter by the day.

A footspa. Bought as a gift and never used. Had it for ten years I bet!

An electric tyre pressure reader.

If you don’t use your ice cream maker, or anything food related much, we’re sure we could help with that!

Also on today’s show, we read that guys are getting more image obsessed! We’re talking about eye brow waxing, hair straightening and all those types of things! So we asked…

Is your man girly when it comes to beauty? You a plucker for the looker? Waxer for the maxer? Shave to misbehave? Do you guy-line for a good time? Or are you a guy that just likes to look good?

Here are some of your responses!

My fella waxes, plucks and uses men facial products

My hubby is more of a woman than me.. Keith aingel of worcester plucks his eyebrows to the point of having none left... He plucks grey hairs out of his head which isnt a good idea as hes nearly 50 so obviously lots of grey hair.. Shaves/ waxes chest/back... Has his hair high lighted.... Will stand in mirror 45 mins pluckin ingrowin hairs out of his face... Should we decide to go out... He takes half an hr longer to get ready than me and i have very long hair... Good grief i could go on but im bored now lol... 

Here’s a treat for you…a before and after shot of Julian with guy-liner. What do you think?

Julian Jones - Guy liner

And finally, good luck to everyone getting their GCSE results! 

Friday tomorrow! See you then!

Julian and Rachel

Wednesday 22nd August

Welcome to the middle of the week! We found out that compliments beat shopping and chocolate! So we asked you, what puts you in a good mood?

Hearing my son giggle especially when he is sleeping.

Getting a phone call from some one you have not heard from for a while! 

When you open your wage slip and there’s more there than what you thought? That makes me happy.

A big cuddle off my 6yr old son after work 

Grabbing something from the sale, and it scans cheaper than what it was marked!

All of these things make me smile! Some great suggestions!

Today, we were all game for a laugh. This one liner by was voted the best joke at The Fringe! "You know who really gives kids a bad name? Posh and Becks." LOL but...

What's your favourite one liner? Love to hear it! Keep it clean :)

What do u call Postman Pat on the dole? Pat

I thought your nose was bleeding then bit its snot  

Did you here about the magic tractor....he turned into a field..

Snowballs! The difference between Snowmen and Snowwomen!

When meeting new people start with Fat Penguins.... Tends to break the ice.

An old lady asked me if I can see her across the road.... I said hang on I will go and have a look.

Sat in a pub and a man came in and threw eggs and milk at me. I thought how dairy.

I'm not superstitious & hopefully never will be touch wood.

Old man walks into Dr saying he is deaf. Dr asked what are the symptoms. Old man replied they are cartoon characters.

The judge has finially settled Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise devorce, he told them the chances of them getting back together is Mission Impossible.

These were hilarious! Even the ones we CAN'T sahre with you! Thanks for making us LOL throughout the show! We hope you enjoyed them too!

See you tomorrow,

Julian and Rachel x

Tuesday 21st August

Good morning all! Today we read that the recently wed, gorgeous couple who are Marvin and Rochelle schedule Skype dates! Marvin cooks breakfast, and Rochelle cooks dinner (time difference) and they romantically have a lovely online time!

This made us wonder, what weird dates have you been on?

Here are some of your stories…

Mine and my boyfriends first date was in the wacky warehouse at a kids party then a meal in the pub afterwards with kids in toe lol x 

Had a date with a kiwi girl who worked on the ferry while she was at work!

My weirdest date was going to a sports day with my boyfriend who was taking part i was so bored

So many but the nose licker was strange...

Went on a double date with boyfriend and his mate - who got arrested for swearing at a copper who had arrested my friends boyfriend for criminal damage (not sure how or what) and he wondered why I didn't want to go out again.

Very weird! We'd like to know more about the nose licker!

Also on today’s show, we talked about a top 10 list of food that we don’t like! Among that list are oysters and snails, so we asked, what ‘normal’ food don’t you enjoy?

Here are some of your suggestions!

Cauliflower cheese 

Beetroot! Yuk devils food

Mayo. Devils food. Have a good day. Need mind bleach now. 

I cannot stand turkey

Meringue. Just sooooo wrong!!!!!

I hate chocolate, jam anything sweet

Love peaunuts, enjoy butter....put them both together peanutbutter......cack

Lychees they look like eyeballs

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions! Weirdly, we’re hungry from the suggestions you dislike!!

Speak to you bright and early!

Julian & Rachel x

Monday 20th August

It’s Monday again! Ed has gone on holiday and we are joined by the lovely Julian all week!

This morning we had a bit of Monday morning fun. We heard that Cameron Diaz is writing a fitness book, so we asked you… which celebrity would you like to see make a DVD?

Here are some of your suggestions

I'd like to see Nessa and Smithy from Gavin and Stacey x 

Jim Royle (royle family) would be so funny!

The Heart team that would be funny!! Lol :)

Peter Kay or Alan Carr to make a fitness DVD!! Imagine... ??

LOL to the suggestion of us! You wouldn’t get any fitter! We’d love to see Alan Carr do a fitness DVD, that would be hilarious!

Also on the show, we had a chat about losing things. What is the most expensive item you lost? There’s been some great stories about sunglasses, wallets and phone but this text takes some beating…

1 ct princess cut diamond set in a platinum Claw lol . Lost it 2 years ago worth £5000!


Thanks for waking up with us. We’ll speak to you tomorrow!

Julian and Rachel x

Friday 17th August

It’s Friday!!! Who’s looking forward to the weekend?

This morning, we were talking about those three little words, I Love you. When do you it? When is the right time? Who has waited the longest? Who has said it too soon?

Here's what you think!

I said I love u to my partner after 1 day. 

My partner told me he loved me on our 2nd date after 6 days. It was love at first sight for both of us and we got married this June.

I get very suspicious if guys tell me they love too soon. If they fall in love that quickly they can fall out of love quickly too & they usually have!

My boyfriend told me he loved me on our 1st date. We had known each other for about 3 weeks before that. I didn't say it back for about a month. It's now almost a year later, we have just moved into our 1st house together and are planning our wedding :-)

My ex-boyfriend told me he loved me after 2 weeks then went on to cry as the relationship was apparently so overwhelming. You can see how that ended up as now he's the ex and a bit of a pansy really.

I met my husband when I was 18 and on holiday in Greece, the 1st night I met him he was pretty drunk and told me how great I was, that he loved me and that he wanted 2 marry me! 10years later were married and have just had our 1st little boy.

Some lovely stories here!

Today was also the final of the Big Town Showdown! Pete from Cranmore (he says it’s near Shirley) was crowned King and the Heart Angels surprised him with some champagne, chocolates and flowers! We didn’t forget about his pet tortoise too! He also got pampered!  Here's the final leaderboard! If you think you can do better, make sure you play next season!

Have a great weekend all!

Ed and Rachel

Thursday 16th August

This morning we found out that there’s a decline in cereal sales! Nooo! We love cereal, so we’re trying to revive some of it by asking… what’s your favourite cereal?

Golden Nuggets 

Morn Ed & Rach, Shredded Wheat hot milk & golden syrup. 

For me theres nothing like a bowl Ready Brek in the morning haha

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Madness!!

We’re really hungry now and in the mood for some Lucky Charms! Thank you!

Today is also brilliant because the Cat Awards are being held in London at theSavoy! Very fancy for cats! Wonder if they get to go? We also have some great cats and cat owners here in theWest Midlandsso we asked you… what award would your cat get and why?

Here are some of your great cat tales!

Most nosey cat. Gets in anything that's open. Suitcases, cupboards, tumble dryer, car boot. 

Hi Ed n Rach my cat would be up for the best name award Bridget Beyonce Jones luv KAS

Most prolific big game hunter - and I nominate my cat teddy for 5 rabbits, 3 mice and a hen pheasant in 24 hrs. Has also brought home crows, magpies, rats, a mole, frogs, grass snakes and a weasel!

My cats called BOOBY cus she's big and wobbly!!! 

My cat is called RATBAG. I would like him nominated for the most ridiculous cat name.

For cat with most apt name. We had a 3 legged cat called 'tripod'. We also have the most violent cat, affectionately called 'Tigger' who used to kill and eat anything upto 3 rabbits a day and still wanted feeding.

Thanks for getting in touch! Friday tomorrow, see you then!

Ed and Rachel

Wednesday 15th August

This morning we discovered that 2 flamingos mated to the soothing sounds of Barry White! We had a bit of fun with this and asked you… what other songs can birds mate to?

Here are some of your great suggestions!

R Kelly I Believe I Can Fly

Hi, how about twist and shout - shake a tail feather - yeah baby. 

The Birdie Song!

On the wings of love

We also found out that there has been series of celebrity moons going on! First, David Walliams mooned Simon Cowell which ended with Elton John joining in, mooning back! So we asked you,  when was the last time you mooned, or been mooned at?

Some funny stories here!

I once mooned in spain on a coach and got pulled over by the police for indecent exposure.

I mooned from the top deck of a bus at Epsom Races. Got taken off by a Policewoman and given a telling off. The kids were not amused!!

I mooned and we set it as a background on my mates iphone whilst he was in the loo - at christmas it turned up on a 2012 calender!

Me n my x boyfriend thought it funny to moon at every car as we walked home after am evenin at the pub down a country lane - we were quite drunk but the last car we mooned at was a police car lol luckily 4 us they found it funny n just gave us a warning not to do it again. 

Last time i did a mooney was in the sacks pub on aston university campus, i was in pub with work colleague, it was end of term and we had had quiet alot of drink, jackie who i was with mentioned ab8 this student that we knew being on skate board, so i lifted my skirt and did a mooney up against the window, jackie was watchin the student, as he came past the pub he took a double look in shock, started to laugh to the point he fell of skate board.

We could keep reading these forever, so funny! Thanks for getting in touch!

See you in the morning!

Ed & Rachel x

Tuesday 14th August

Morning all! Today, we discovered that Jack is no longer the most popular name. It’s been over taken by Harry! Probably because of Harry Potter, Prince Harry and Ed seems to think… Harry Ramsdens!

So we asked you…Who are you named after? Or who did you name your kids after?

We love these!!

Me and my wife named our son Zac after Zac Morris from saved by the bell.

my son is called Benjamin because I met my husband in Benjamin's nightclub in halesowen, Julie from wednesbury  

i am absolutley gutted with my name i was born in august 1966 we had just won the world cup and me mom called me mark! All them famous players!!

I was named after my dads ex girlfriend! I cant believe my mother allowed it!

My sons name is James Lennon, because everyone loves a Jim and my husband is a Beatles fan. 

My son named my daughterKimberleyafter the pink power ranger lol!

My two sons are called Jack and Harry but my first son Jacks middle name is Daniel it was my favourite drink at the time lol.

Thanks for your suggestions! Loved reading every single one of them!

See you on the other side!

Ed & Rachel x

Monday 13th August

Welcome to a brand new week! The closing ceremony was on last night, we managed to catch some of it! Great to see the Spice Girls and well done to Team GB who have put Great Britainon the map! So proud!

To kick off the week, we were talking about accidental parenting errors after we received a text from Claire who couldn't believe her husband tried to take their 8 year old son to see Ted at the cinema!!

What other accidental parenting errors have you made?

Here are some of your stories…

I once put my daughter in her car seat in the car but never checked the car seat belt turned the first corner and she was upside down on the other side of back seat lol 

I fed my young one vindaloo! I didn’t know it was THAT hot

I let my daughter play with our hamster and it bit her!

Some brilliant stories!

Also on the show, now that the Olympics Games have closed for a bit, we were wondering what else have we got to look forward to now?


I'm waiting for The X Factor and my GCSE packs for my homeschooling.

Gotta be my 4 hour half day tomorrow lol

I'm looking forward to next Monday when my boss is off for 10 days I live for the days he's not here :D xx 

A-Level exam results YAY -.-

We still have the Paralympics to look forward to which is just as important as the Olympics with even more incredible athletes.

34 days till George comes to Brum. Traci, Oldbury's biggest George Michael fan. X 

Back on track now!!!

Thanks for all your messages. Speak to you tomorrow!

Ed & Rachel

Friday 10th August

It’s FRIDAY!!! The weekend is just around the corner and tonight looks to be a pub garden or BBQ day! Happy times.

Today for the final time, we took to the skies to give away £10,000’s worth of Alton Towers tickets! Good luck!

Here’s Julian looking all Top Gun before he sets of on an aerial tour of the West Midlands!

Julian Jones Take Off

The closing ceremony is on this weekend! So here's to a huge GOOD LUCK to Team GB who have done everyone proud!

Have a great weekend! See you Monday

Ed & Rachel

Thursday 9th August

This morning, it was all about 50 Shades of Grey! I’m sure you’ve heard about the book by now, but what’s new is that a classical CD is being released! We think it’s needs spicing up so we asked you, what songs should be in the Heart Breakfast version of 50 Shades of Grey album?

Here are some of your suggestions…

Great Balls of Fire


How about 'Hit me with ur Rhythem Stick' ? 

The Only Way Is Up. Yazz. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport. Rolf harris. 

R Kelly, Bump n Grind.

Mousse t I'm Horny

'Lets Talk About Sex' by Salt 'n' Pepper.

Okey cokey in out and shake it all about 

Let's get it on - Marvin Gaye

That’s a great tracklist right there! Thank you!

Also on the show we played Food Olympics with Stacey Solomon! How far can she shot put a pineapple? The answer is further than you think! Here’s the video evidence to prove it!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday 8th August

The Olympic Games are incredibly exciting, but if we was to add an element to make it MORE exciting, what would the Heart Breakfast team add??? FOOD of course! So we’ve been combining the two to see what we could come up with!

Here are some of your suggestions!

Fencing with baguettes

Ikea meatball shotput

Relay running pass the hot dog.

Swimming in soup heats in tomato and the final in vegetable just to make it that bit tougher

Christmas pudding shot 

Pies in the weight lifting

Trifle range

Saveloy men's relay, meatball shot put

Olympics sausage link tug o war, the winners get hot dogs yum.

We're going to make some of this happen! Also on the show, Team GB are doing incredible so we thought we’d extened the celebrations a little further by asking you… what else is great about Great Britain?

We agree with all of them!


Tea pork scratchings real ale and of course the great british weather!

Great Britain is great at producing music! 

Most countries speak our language so its easy when you go on holiday and you have to speak to people 

The British sense of humour 

Queen the group, Elton john and Greggs the bakery 


Good old bangers & mash

The one and only GREAT BRITISH ARMY

James bond 

Doctor who has to be one of the best things! 

That was just some of them!

Thanks for your messages! They make us feel proud to be British!

See you when you wake up!

Ed & Rachel x

Tuesday 7th August

Morning! NASA has landed a big robot on Mars to look for signs of life! So this morning we asked you… what’s your favourite robot?

Here are some of your messages…

Changed me mind. JOHNNY 5 IS ALIVE

Good morn Ed & Rach i hav 2 robots 1. Johnny 5 2. Metel Micky

Tweeky from Buck Rogers

Best robot ever twiki biddy biddy biddy catch you later buck.

It's got to be the robot from the Smash adverts. And they peel them with their metal knives!!

Also on the show we discovered that Peter Andre met his new girlfriend after her father removed his kidney stones! What is the most unusual way you’ve met your partner? 

We’ve had some great stories in! Here are some of them…

I met partner he went into the back of me we exchanged details for insurance purpose.

I rescued my partner when I was a lifeguard. 10 years later we're very happy and engaged :)

Me & my fella r both police officers &we met over a dead body! He &his partner needed someone skinny to fit through a window to get in the house but had to make do with me :-) 7 years later we r happy as can be with a baby on the way! 

I met my boyfriend 5 years ago when i was working part time on reception at a beauty salon, he came in to get his eyebrows waxed! He came in twice but then i left for a permanent job. 3 months later he blagged my phone number out of the salon and text me! 

Fab to hear these stories! Thank you!

We’ll see you tomorrow bright and early!

Ed & Rachel

Monday 6th August

Welcome to a brand new week!

Rachel’s back everybody! She’s looking tanned and she’s brought the sun with her too! Welcome home!

Today we found out about this…

Lego London 2012 Olympics

How amazing is it?!?!! A man has spent 300 hours building a replica of the London 2012 Olympic Park - entirely from LEGO!!!

Also on the show, riding on the success of Team GB over the weekend, we asked you… What’s your glory story? We want to hear about when you were a winner – no matter how small!!

I’m doing 300 miles this sat in 24 hrs for cancer research.

I lost 7.5 stone last year and totally amazed everyone I know. However I have put some back on so need the Team GB fans listening to Heart to send me good vibes to help me get back on track.

During my time as a firefighter in Wales we helped rescue a beached dolphin keeping her wet until tide turned and we could refloat her it was amazing.

I saved a man from his burning house when the fire strike was on. I got him to safety. The army turned up with a green goddess , and a squaddie pushed me through a fence. 

I conquered my fear of heights by climbing Sydney Harbour bridge.

Thanks for all your messages, we’ll see you tomorrow when you wake up!

Ed & Rachel

Friday 3rd August

It’s Friday!!! We’re looking forward to the weekend!

This morning, we were talking about the film that was released today called Ted. It features a talking teddy bear (which sounds cute) but you can’t tell you much more as he’s very rude!

So we asked you today, who ‘old’ and still has a teddy bear?

We loved your texts…

Yep... Snowy bonbons.... I'm 46 and he is 45!!!

My wife has a bear called Mr Bear! He sleeps in our bed every night and goes on holiday with us!! She is 28!!!

I am 47 and my husband is 48. Every night we share our bed with Clyde, Cuthbert, and Brows. Three gorilla's. Ha ha

Hi Ed my husband and I sleep with Ted every night and he comes on holiday with us.. We Are off to climb nowdon this weekend with Ted.

Also on today’s show, Steve Denyer took to the skies and flew all over the West Midlands for your chance to win Alton Towers tickets! We’ll be doing it again next week!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for extra info!

Have a great weekend! 

Ed x

Thursday 2nd August

This morning we were talking about something we hold very close to our hearts… FOOD! It’s Ice Cream Sandwich day today so we asked… what is your favourite sandwich? Some made us go yum, and some made us go yuck! We were left feeling very hungry though!

Here are some of your suggestions…

Chip sandwich dunked in Guinness is wonderful

Ed the best sandwich in the world has to be crab paste, cheese and salted peanuts on wholemeal bread with loads of best butter x.

Tuna and chocolate

If its Saturday lunchtime its fish fingers, cheese and red sauce otherwise, salmon spread salad cream and cheese. Perfect! 

No way will I be trying some of these! Chocolate and tuna? No thanks LOL.

Also on the show, we're looking for a woman's football team to play against the men's in a 5-a-side! This is after we received a text saying that the women will NEVER beat the men!!! If you know any great female teams, get in touch! The men are waiting!

Thanks for waking up with us.

See you FRIDAY!

Wednesday 1st August

It’s August already?! Where did that come from? And what on earth is going on with this terrible weather?!

We read that there are a lot of athletes competing in the Olympics that have quite funny names! They’re mostly foreign names, which probably aren’t funny in their own country – but we found a list of funny and inappropriate ones that we wanted to share with you.

We asked you if you thought you could work out which name we gave you was real… 

Listen back here…

Ed’s back tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Have a great Wednesday! 

Tuesday 31st July

So we read a story that said that ‘A study found that women who flirt while negotiating the price of a car can secure a substantial discount.’ Basically flirting your way into a saving! Ed wanted to find out if this was true – and if you lot had ever flirted your way into getting a discount or getting out of something! We asked for you stories and you sent us loads you bunch of flirts!

Here are some of your messages…

I was let off for speeding doing 60 in a 30, best was he had followed me for over 2 miles.

I got my current job by flirting with the boss.

Bought a car, I got a years free tax, tank of petrol and car mats. This was before I got married!

I used to sell cars n women flirting with me never worked!

My now husband sent me to a garage to get his locking wheel nut broke off, the same garage had quoted him 40 to do it, but they did it for me for free, but the down side is also some place's will try and rip women off cause they think we're stupid but we're not!

My boyfriend used to flirt with the girl in the chip shop and get free fish bites!

I was a little over the limit many years ago and avoided the breathalyser by being a little dippy and girly shame of it!

Thanks for your great messages this morning – they made us all laugh!

Ed’s back tomorrow morning when you wake up! It’ll be August already!!!

Monday 30th July

So it’s the time of our strong, muscled, athletic, toned and beautiful athletes to take the stage and win some medals for Team GB in the Olympics! They’re amazing aren’t they – they’re just everything that we’re not! Ed decided that he was nothing like the athletes after he put his back out over the weekend trying to start his lawn mower! So this morning on the show, we wanted your stories which clearly show that we aren’t athletes!

Here are some of your great messages…

I set myself on fire while fishing!

I tore my Achilles tendon in the moms race on sports day and ended up in a cast for 6 weeks.

I tore the ligaments in my ankle on a trampoline.... Oops 2 months off work…

I went on hols to Skegness and showing off I punched the punching bag and broke my wrist, I had to get someone to drive from the midlands to drive my car back as I was in plaster cast!

I once while crouching down trapped a nerve in my neck, passed out and fell head first into a pond!

I tore a ligament in my leg coming down the stairs. It was duringWimbledonfortnight. When asked by the doctor at a & e how I had done it my husband replied watching too much tennis. A week later at follow up appointment I saw written on my notes TENNIS INJURY!

It was a sports injury, I tore my rota cuff muscle in my shoulder lifting son’s cricket bag out of the boot of my car!

I dislocated my thumb opening a bottle of sauce! 

I once broke my nose playing crazy golf!

I cricked my neck ay yawning, I was stuck for 2 weeks.

I managed to cut my finger on a carrot.

Thanks for all your great calls and texts this morning.

Ed’s back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Friday 27th July

It’s Olympic opening ceremony day! The official start of theLondon2012 games – and we are SO excited!

At 8.12 this morning, church bells across the country rang out for 3 minutes to mark the beginning of the Olympic celebrations and so we decided to do our very own LIVE on the show with doorbells and car horns!

We asked you to text in if you had a great doorbell and would ring it loud and proud for us at 8.12 and you did exactly that!

Listen back to our bell ringing moment here…

Ed is back on Monday morning when you wake up.

Have an amazing weekend!

Thursday 26th July

This morning on the show we gave away £10,000 worth of Alton Towers Resort tickets! All you had to do was look out for the password that was flying over theWest Midlandsattached to the back of a plane with our very own Julian Jones on board!

Ed also wanted to know whether or not girls thought it was flattering/acceptable for guys to honk their horns at them when they drive past!

Here are some of your messages…

There is nothing wrong with beeping your horn some birds love it but the others obviously think they are too good really they should feel privileged and grateful! 

Ed, in a man’s mind they are not simply thinking "oh she looks nice" something a little more is running through their mind, I would rather they keep those thoughts to themselves!

I don't mind it along as the person beeping the horn is good looking.

I haven't been beeped in years but if i was i would be absolutely flattered!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and we’re going to be doing a little ceremony of our own!

Wednesday 25th July

This morning on the show we brought you some important information! We told you exactly how much weight you will put on while you’re on holiday! A new survey has revealed that where you go on holiday will directly effect how much weight you will put on!

Here’s the run down – weight in pounds and per week of being on your jollies!

Portugal- 2.8 lb

US - 2.3 lb

Greece- 2.0 lb

Netherlands- 1.8 lb

France– 1.1 lb

Italy0.9 lb

Belgium- 0.7 lb

Australia- 0.1 lb

Thanks for all your great calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning with your share of £10,000’s worth of Alton Towers Resort tickets to give away!

See you then!

Tuesday 24th July

So yesterday Kevin from Nuneaton won £60,000 on Who’s on Heart by correctly guessing Al Gore as the man in the middle saying the word ‘on’.

He came into the studio this morning to have a chat with Ed and he told us how it hadn’t even sunk in yet that he’d won such a huge amount of money!

Listen back here…

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

Ed is back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Monday 23rd July

We finally have the sun! What a gorgeous weekend it was and so far today the weather is fantastic!

This is officially picnic weather! Ed reckon’s that a picnic isn’t really a picnic without mini scotch eggs! Mainly because he can shove loads of them in his mouth in one go!)

So this morning we wanted to know your essential picnic snacks/treats!

Here are some of your messages…

In car with picnic packed with mini scotch eggs. 

I would always pack cucumber and sausages!

Champagne is a must.


It has definitely got to be pork and pickle pork pies

Pickled onions

Ice cold beer. 

Pork pie with pickle

Plenty of fizz!

Scotch eggs, with salad cream!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

Ed’s back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Friday 20th July

Hello Friday!

Today is the last day of term for most of you so we had some fun and games like the kids – today it was Battleships! We all tried to beat Rach, but we only suck one ship! Boo!

This morning, not only were we excited to be on the air, we were IN the air! Julian was in a plane flying all over the West Midlands this morning, with a banner attached with a password for you to win £10,000’s worth of tickets to Alton Towers! There was a lot of excitement during the route!

Finally, an update on Rachel’s jug… there was no rain! Maybe that’s a sign for a warm(er) weekend! We are expecting a tiny bit of heat so make sure you all enjoy it while it lasts!

Have a good one.

Ed & Rachel x

Thursday 19th July

So on yesterday’s show we learnt that when George Michael came out of his coma last year, he woke up speaking in a West Country accent and started making jokes! Weird!

So this morning we brought you an exclusive – the advert for his BRAND NEW album – which we think will top the charts!

Have a listen here…

We’re back tomorrow morning (Friday!) when you wake up.

Ed and Rachel x 

Wednesday 18th July

We’re half way through the week already!

This morning we wanted your help to come up with a chant for Team GB! They’ve approached us and said ‘HELP! We haven’t got an official chant for Team GB to go to the summer games with – can you help?’ So we got straight on it and asked you to come up with some suggestions!

Here are some of yours…

GB, we're going to do best, regardless of safety from G4S! GB we're going to do best, Gold medals are our fashion, women’s volleyballs got the passion, at London it's going to rain! ....try and do it to the Copacabana tune. 

Team Great Britain will win gold today as long as other teams don’t get in the way. 

It's wet, its cold we are gonna win gold. Team gb, team gb!

There isn't any sun beds for the Germans in the long jump! There aren’t any frogs in the pool for the French!

Meat pie sausage roll, c'mon Britain, get us a gold.

Red, blue and white. Come on win gold for the UK tonight.

Team GB go go go, will it rain, no no no.

We loved these! Get involved over on our Facebook page!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel

Tuesday 17th July

For most kids, this week is their last week at school before the big holidays! So this morning on the show Ed wanted to know what on earth he can do to entertain his kids for 6 weeks while they’re on their summer holidays! What’re you doing with your kids this summer?

Here are some of your messages…

Do what I do take them away for the 6 weeks!

Just don't pick the kids up on Friday. SORTED.

My little girl has 7.5 weeks of school as hers is closed for that long due to building work, for 5 weeks of it she's off to dance camp 9-4 every day!

I have a scaletrix set.

I went to the Space scheme those days were great. Should be bought back!

Put them in a leisure centre kids club they come home exhausted and have been stimulated ALL DAY!

Thanks for your suggestions!

This morning we also checked out Rach’s jug of rain – if you’ve not been following along with this then head over to our Facebook page here and check it out!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel x

Monday 16th July

This morning we had a text in from someone saying that they’d just used talcum powder after getting out of the shower!!! We were shocked to discover that people actually still use talc! Surely that’s a bit old fashioned now? So we wanted to hear from you if you still use talc – and also other old fashioned things! Surely you don’t still use…

Here are some of your messages…

I still use a pedestal mat. Having two boys it’s a must!

My dad still insists on using a tea cosy!

Do people still use carpet sweepers?

We use a gas kettle!

Do people still use bum bags?

I still use fly paper!

I use a tea pot for one mug of tea.

I use doilies in my card making. They are very "now" in the crafting world!

 I use talc for Northern Soul dancing.

Me and my mum gilly always have a talc night with a movie and wine can't beat it!

Talc is good if you’ve got flabby inner thighs, stops u getting sore in the heat!

I use talc every time I have a shower because it leaves my skin smooth & dry.

I'm studying reflexology so I use talc to apply the massage to the feet-works well for this but nothing else!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We are back tomorrow!

Ed and Rachel x

Friday 13th July - Unlucky for some!

This morning on the show we wanted to hear your ‘wet songs!’ It’s wet and miserable out so we wanted to embrace the rain with songs that are all about water and being wet! Anything by Billy Ocean? How about Wet Wet Wet?

Here are some of your suggestions…

Bridge over troubled waters.

Purple rain!

Rain or shine. By 5 star.

Waterloo by Abba?

Singing in the rain

Take me dancing naked in the rain.

The ugly duckling song as ducks love water!

Rhythm of the rain - Jason Donovan

I can’t stand the rain against my window!

Travis - Why does it always rain on me!

Umbrella by Rihanna

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

It’s raining men!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning – we had a lot of fun!!

We’re back Monday morning, have a great weekend and don’t let the rain stop you doing anything!

Ed and Rachel x

Thursday 12th July

The Queen’s in Birmingham today! She passes through town this morning and on this morning’s show, we wanted to know your stories of when you’ve seen the queen!

Here are some of your messages…

We were at the royal Windsor horse show, we saw a small group of people gathering couldn't see why so we took a short cut to avoid them and walked straight passed the queen sat in her range rover that close we could have touched her we were sooo embarrassed!

I was the only van at the bottom of the under pass at 1 stop and the queen went past I bibbed her and she waved at me it was great!

I've seen the queen in 1977 in wolves, sliver jubilee, I was 6!

I was invited to the royal garden party in 2003 and I was granted a personal audience with the Queen in recognition of my charity work!

My mum who is 75 met the queen yesterday in Worcester.

I met the queen 2002 at Windsor castle as part of the hand over of the new state limousine.

I saw queen live at the nec 1984I saw the queen on my birthday last year... She obviously wanted to make a special visit and it was nothing to do with the ceremony at the cathedral she went to.

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning – and we’ve got an amazing give-away!

Wednesday 11th July

Last night Ed went to see Dirty Dancing at the Hippodrome in Birmingham and what an incredible performance it was! The dancing was phenomenal! Unbelievably, Rachel has never even seen the film, and apparently isn’t a massive fan of chick flicks! This got us thinking, surely there’s loads of great films that all girls should see – Dirty Dancing being just one of them!

So we wanted to know from you, what amazing movies should all girls have seen?

Here are some of your messages…

Mine is Notting Hill but my Fiancées is you’ve got Mail!

It’s gotta be My Fair Lady! Audrey Hepburn songs frocks and dodgy dancing!

The Notebook.


Coyote ugly is a top chick flick, good for the boys too!

The best chick flick is 'love actually'. It's got Hugh Grant in!

I love sweet home Alabama. Josh Lucas is just gorgeous! 

Twilight movies ohhhh Edward bite my neck anytime!

PS I LOVE YOU - Gerard Butler!

The wedding date!

It has to be pretty woman!

Bridget Jones.

My best friends wedding. Brilliant film so funny or if you want weepy & funny then Steel Magnolias is the one to watch.

When Harry met Sally!

Maid in Manhattan

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel x

Tuesday 10th July

A list of the 8 things men don’t understand about women has been revealed! Here’s the list:

  1. Wearing heels on a night out AND taking a spare pair of ‘comfortable shoes’ – if the others are uncomfortable then why wear them in the first place?!
  2. Why do girls need to carry massive purses with them? They’re not full of money so what’s the point?
  3. Wearing thongs that show a bit of strap at the back – guys like thinking about you in underwear, so why barely wear any?!
  4. Frenemies! When you complain to a guy about a friend one day, then the next day you’re best friends again! Guys don’t get it!
  5. Hating the Rain - Guys know it makes your hair frizzy. But they wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't brought it up 17 times.
  6. Why do women ALWAYS need to put make-up on? You’re popping to Tesco for some milk!!! Why the make up?!
  7. Trying on a million different outfits before a night out? Then deciding to go with the first one!
  8. Plucking your eyebrows, and then drawing them back on again! It makes no sense!

So this morning on the show we wanted to know the things that you just don’t get about women/what your man doesn’t understand about you!

Here are some of your messages:

Why do woman spend 2 hrs getting ready then get in the car pull down the sun visor and check to see if they look ok?

Us men don’t understand how women think were mind readers. If theses something on there mind spit it out don’t presume we know what you’re thinking!

Why do women always start a conversation they can see we are busy on the laptop or when we're watching tv?

Why is it when girls feel down a man can't just listen and give a hug? They always have to fix the problem!

What us men don't get about woman is that why do they clean up even after we have cleaned up!

Why women say I don’t want a big fuss for my birthday when they actually mean you had better spend a fortune and make a really big fuss!

Why do women wear short skirts then spend most of their time pulling them down.

I don't understand how women know how long something takes to heat to the right temperature in a microwave.

Why/how do women convince themselves they can eat cakes, biscuits, and chocolate on their diet?!

Why when out for a meal and asked if they want a pudding, no is the reply, but they end up eating ours!

I don't understand why woman know the answer to questions but ask you anyway , e.g. they say what time did you get in last night , we say about 11 hunni, they say know it wasn't it was 1’o’clock!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel.

Monday 9th July

It’s Monday morning and we’re back with you – hope you had a great weekend!

Andy Murray got to final of Wimbledon yesterday, the first brit to do it in 74 years and to show him how proud we were we wanted to show our appreciation by doing what Scots do best – fry stuff!!!

We spoke to Christina at Polesworth Fish Bar in Tamworth who agreed to help out! We sent over a Mars bar, some strawberries and cream and a tennis ball – all to be battered!

Here’s the before photo…



and the after photo…



Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Friday 6th July

This morning on the show we were talking school trip disasters! Alison text in saying that she dropped her son off at school yesterday at the normal time only to realise that he was meant to be on a school trip that left early, leaving a very disappointed little boy not going to Alton Towers! So we wanted to hear about your school trip disasters, either as a parent or from when you were younger!

Here are some of your stories…

On residentials we did canoeing and my mate didn’t like it so got out and walked along tow-path and got lost and chased up a tree by a cow!

I went to the British museum and some of us snuck away to Carnaby street and got lost!

On a school trip with my son, the bus driver took a wrong turn and got stuck under a bridge, after about an hour deliberating, they decided to let the tyres down a bit and then we were free!

when my son was in juniors they went on a trip , there were twins in his class , when they were to leave the teachers checked the head count , pulled off and when one of the twins looked round the other twin was left behind and had to stop the coach

My daughter was going to Germany leaving school in the early hours. In the panic getting ready I managed to lose the Euros I had got her. I found them the next day in the bin!

When I was at school a group of us were going on a trip for a weekend to do coursework catch up and we were staying in a hostely thing while there, the hostel thing was in the middle of Exmoor national park, the coach couldn’t get to it as it was up a bank so the 20 of us ha to get off with our weekends worth of clothes and coursework to do and walk the rest of the way ... It was tiring!

Thanks for your messages this morning!

We’re back Monday morning when you wake up!

Have a great weekend, Ed and Rachel x

Thursday 5th July

This morning on the show we were talking science! Scientists at CERN thing they might have found the Higgs Boson particle that could explain how the universe began! Great news! Now we want to know why they haven’t solved other great mysteries like why dusters are yellow, and why is it when we’re lost in our cars – we have to turn the music down!

So we asked you what the next thing is that they should investigate…

Here are some of your great messages:

What is the average speed of a post office queue?

If Teflon is really none stick how do they get it to stick on my frying pan?

If it was possible to dig through from England to Japan would you come out upside down or the right way up?

Most fruit is almost round. Apples. Peaches. Grapes. Lemons. Nectarines. Oranges. So why is the banana a different shape?

What is the speed of Dark?

Where does an itch go after you have scratched it?

What is England’s national costume?

Why do men have nipples?

Why do we lick our lips after eating a donut?

Why is belly button fluff grey?

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning! 

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Wednesday 4th July

This morning we told you about the naughty kids in Coventry that tried to steal the Olympic torch out of the runner’s hand!!! It got us thinking about the naughty things we all used to do as a kid and what the naughtiest thing we ever did was.

Check out the video…

We asked you what the naughtiest thing you ever did as a kid was…

Here are some of your brilliant texts…

Mum and dad went out and left us with a babysitter who we didn’t like. We poured ketchup all over my head; I screamed and ran into front room clutching my chest!!! She nearly fainted... Worked though she never came again.

At school there was a large display of Noah's ark and all the animals in twos, I stole one of each animal, I did get found out, and was so scared, it taught me a valuable lesson, not to steal, I was only six at the time!

I hid in the greenhouse for six hours when people came up the garden I would hide they got the police in the end cause I was only four or five lets say I had a sore bum for awhile when they found me!

When I was seven I got threatened with the cane after I told all the girls in my school the girls toilets were haunted. They all refused to go in and some were wetting themselves as a result!

I nicked and ate half of my baby sisters birthday cake when I was 5!

My friend and her friends at school used to throw a pencil sharpener on the floor in class and show each other their naughty bits under the table -age 10!

We advertised a free coffee morning for oaps in the local newspaper and successfully filled the school with pensioners. There was no coffee morning.

I used to sneak down stairs to eat the biscuits and if I got caught I’d pretend to be sleep walking!

I peeled all the wallpaper off my bedroom wall!

Thanks for all your calls and texts this morning – we’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel x

Tuesday 3rd July

So after hearing about Rachel driving a van over the weekend, we wanted to find women that have driven big things! We don’t hear enough about women that drive massive vehicles like buses, planes or trains! So this morning we wanted to hear from you, and find out what the biggest thing you’d driven was!

Here are some of your messages…

I used to drive a horsebox when I was 18!

I drove 56 ton chieftain tank as a 40th birthday treat. I wore pink!

I drove a steam engine!

I have driven an Army Tank Transporter, when I was in the army. its an articulated truck with a tank on the back.

I have driven a train between Aylesbury & London Marylebone.

I've driven a 107 ton locomotive on the Severn Valley Railway.

We drive the military Jumbulance that takes the injured personnel from the aircraft to the QE. It's huge!

My first summer holiday job when I was 17 was on a farm driving a caterpillar with 2 sticks for steering and a block of wood on the pedals so I could reach them, I even had a go in the combine but there wasn't a straight line in the field!

I drive a stretched limo!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel x

Monday 2nd July

It’s already July! The Olympic torch was in the West Midlands this weekend and left Coventry first thing this morning! What a fantastic and inspirational weekend it was seeing all of the amazing torch bearers carrying the flame come rain or shine!

This morning we revealed the top 10 places to go for a day out in the West Midlands! All last week we asked you to vote for your favourite place from our short-list of attractions and thousands of you voted.

To see the final list, click here.

This morning we also had a brand new number one on the Big Town Showdown leader board – Danny stepped up and put Willenhall on the top with a fantastic time of just 29.4 seconds – we know it can be beaten though!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Friday 29th June

It’s Friday!!! And on Monday it will be July already! The Olympic torch is back in the West Midlands this weekend and is in Birmingham on Saturday night! On this morning’s show Rachel told us that she came really close to being one of the Olympic torch bearers! She was nominated to carry the torch but didn’t get through! So this morning we wanted to know what you’ve come really close to achieving – was it a date with Brad Pitt?

Here are some of your messages…

I nearly had a motorbike!

I nearly met the queen

I played for the school rugby team. Towards the end of the season the school went to play the annual match in Wales, the biggest match of the school yr, and as I had played every week I turned up with my kit, but the teacher decided he would rather fill the 4th yr team with 5th formers and I was dropped and had to stay at school and miss the trip to Wales. The 4th yr team lost and I did not play for the school again because I was always busy.

I got entered for the miss pears competition, my brother told me I had strip off my clothes so when they called name for the final two i did not go back on the stage!

My moms kids were nearly on super nanny but mom said no when it came down to it!

I nearly touched Elton John last week but not quite!

I nearly got a date with Rob Lowe (until I realized he was married)

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning – we’re back on Monday morning – when the Olympic torch will be in Coventry! See you then!

Ed and Rachel x

Thursday 28th June

On this morning’s show we revealed the two words that are meant to help strengthen and improve a couple’s relationship – those two words – ‘thank you’. Showing appreciation for your partner is apparently the way to stay in a long and prosperous relationship.

So we wanted to know your two words that sum up/would help your relationship…

Here are some of yours:

Hakuna matata - a cartoon lion cant be wrong!


Love you

Where's dinner?

Lie down

That's mine.

Bed now!

Nurofen express.

Pre nuptial

Leave it

Laters baby

Early night?

On top?

I'll cook

Yes dear

I’ll pay.

I'm rich

Separate beds

Fancy some

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning – we’re back tomorrow, which will be Friday! Hoorah!

Ed and Rachel x

Wednesday 27th June

This morning we got a text in from Angela saying that she was gutted, she’s just moved house and one of the things she loved about the house when she saw it was a Victorian lamp post in the garden that she assumed would stay and the previous owners have taken it with them! So we wanted to know what unbelievable things people have taken with them when they move house!

Here are just a few of your messages…

I bought a house that had been repossessed & there was no kitchen, just the pipe going along the wall to where the sink should have been.

The electric motor was removed from automatic garage door! Leaving a warped garage door that no longer shut! Cost us £1000 on moving in day to get a new door fitted!

when we moved into our current house we couldn’t understand why we couldn’t hear people at the door but it turned out the previous owners had took the door bell with them they left the push button but no sound box!

My daughter moved a month ago and they agreed the 50 inch TV and surround sound in the cost, so on moving in, the TV and speakers were there but the system to operate it was gone. Solicitor said it is all in the wording on the contract it didn’t say system so there’s nothing you can do. 

I had no shower head no smoke detector (just the wires) no light bulbs and no waste trap on my kitchen sink so when I went to wash my paint brushes water was coming out of the cupboard!

When I moved there was only 3 internal doors left out of 7 and no bathroom taps or toilet seat!!! Mines a rental I expected doors!

Electric smoke detector – they left wires hanging!

I took all my grass from the back garden with me!

Thanks for your calls and texts today!

We’re back tomorrow morning at 6am.

Ed and Rachel x

Tuesday 26th June

Ed’s going grey! He revealed this morning that he’s got some greys now which are more obvious than ever before… And he wanted to know if it was acceptable to dye his hair? Rach said it was ridiculous and that he should just let it grey – but Ed’s not so sure… So he wanted your opinions on what he should do!

Here are some of your messages…

My fiancé gets bits of grey in his hair and he always puts a dye on it but id still love him if went completely grey

If you do dye don't go to dark as you get a haze around the head

Embrace it mate I'm 31 and mostly grey. It’s what first attracted my future wife 2 me.

My husband has been going grey (since being with me, he says) but the kids and I lovingly call him badger because of his grey streaks!! Don't dye it!

My man is grey and I would hate it if he dyed it. I find it sexy.

Do what I did starting going grey just shaved the lot off!

Don’t do it my ex did it I left him!

Grey men look very distinguished

Don’t dye it shave it!

Thanks for your help this morning!

Stacey Solomon joined us on the show this morning as well to talk about Skyride 2012… Listen back to our interview with her here…

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Monday 25th June

This morning we heard about David Beckham’s top 10 list of things to do for tourists when the visit Britain for this summer’s games – and none of them are in the West Midlands! Outraged, we decided to do something about it! Get involved over here and find out more!

Friday 22nd June

This morning on the show we talked about the ridiculous reasons you’ve had to call your partner (normally in an emergency!) So the times that you’ve rang your partner about something that they really can’t help with! Rachel’s other half Chris called her to tell her he had lost his wallet!

Here are some of your great messages…

My husband rang and told me sat nav didn't recognise the post code and he couldn't remember where he was going. He is a traffic policeman!

My boyfriend phoned me while I was away to say he done a load of washing but left it in the machine for me to take out!! I wasn’t due back for another 2 days!

My ex-bosses wife phoned him to say that on her way home from shopping a bottle of lemonade had exploded in her car. 

We live in Shropshire & my son went off 2 Hertfordshire 2 uni. I get call 1 Sunday morning Mum, my car wont start! I’m 250 miles away, What do u want me 2 do?

My partner called me at work to tell me our daughter has had a massive poo and he does not know what to do, I asked him what do u want me to do and he said well I've driven her to your work I'm downstairs come change her nappy, I came down only to find him stood outside the car and my daughter all smiles looking out the window jumping about with poo right down her back!

My husband went to Benidorm with the lads he phoned me at 12.30 am to tell me he was lost he lost his friends and could not remember where his hotel was!

My husband will phone me when he has got home, to say the kids have left the lights on again or the kids bedrooms are a mess!

I was on a work trip to American and my then husband called me because he'd lost his house keys. Thing was I knew he'd lose them because he was hopeless so I'd left a spare key hidden for him. The call was to say he'd lost the first set AND the spare and ranted that it was my fault he was locked out because a good wife would have left more than one spare!

My daughter text me yesterday from Leicester space museum on a school trip 2 tell me a machine had stolen her pound! I didn’t know what I was meant 2 do! 

My husband rang me during a night shift at work to say there was no butter in the fridge!! There was, just not our usual brand!

I phoned my Dad at 1am when the Dudley earthquake happened back in 2002. He was fast asleep in Lancashire at the time, told me to ring back in the morning and put the phone down.  

When your Mrs. calls you in hysterics crying because some one has died off one of the TV soaps

I once called my partner who was away in afghan to ask what to do as I saw a duck that was hit by a car! I was crying and got even worse when the duck died and the other duck started quacking. by it!

My wife deb phoned me while I was at work in Bristol to say she and the dog was in a field trapped by cows. They would not let her pass to the other side of the field. All I could ask was "and what do you want me to do" she then thought about it and just said "thanks"!

Thanks for all your brilliant messages this morning!

We’re back Monday morning when you wake up!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Ed and Rachel xx

Thursday 21st June

This morning on the show we were talking about new book sensation 50 Shades of Grey! We’d heard all sorts about it – that is has out-sold JK Rowling and the Harry Potter books and that it’s all kinds of filthy! Rach heard that it isn’t very well ridden and is just rude but we wanted to hear your opinion on the book – and SO many of you had read it!

What did it do to you?

Here are your stories from this morning’s show…

I haven't read the books but they have changed my life beyond all recognition ;). I would highly recommend that every mans wife should read them!

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.James is fantastic! I'm 3/4 thru the 3 book and my husband has read the 1st 2 and keeps hurrying me up 2 finish the 3rd! He has def learnt a trick or 3!

Someone who works with me is reading it and she turns 50 shades of crimson while she reads it

WOW what a series of books, read all 3 in less than a week. I’ve been single for 5yrs and they really do send sexy sensations through you!

I read this book in hospital my daughter brought it for me most of the nurses and medical staff had read it!

I read a bit Friday day night on my mates Mrs phone ...FILTH!

Omg it's twilight without the fangs and with a bit of bondage!

Nearly every female friend I know has either read or is reading it! I've read 9 chapters in 3 days!! I just can't put it down!!! Mr Grey is every woman’s secret fantasy!

It should be made compulsory for all men to read it!

It’s the best thing I've read in ages.....well written and I love Mr Grey!

Fifty Shades is the best! I had reading but read it 3 times. It is erotica but has story that is romantic, hopeful, funny, sad and a great confidence boost for some!

Seems it’s created some powerful emotions/feelings!

Rachel still isn’t convinced! (We think she’ll end up reading them all!)

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up – and then it will be Friday and basically the weekend!

Ed and Rachel x

Wednesday 20th June

We’re half way through this week already! Hasn’t it flown by?!

This morning we learnt that 25% of kids do NO housework at all! Not a single chore to help out their parents around the home! And for 1 in 5 of everyone that said they do chores, this meant tidying their bedroom!

So we wanted to hear from you if you’re a kid, and the chores that you’re forced to do around the house, or if you’re a parent that makes your kids do jobs around the house!

Here are some of your great stories…

My 2 girls ages 14 and 10 clean their own rooms including stripping bed and making it along with a rota each week of tidying shoes away in porch, taking things off the stairs, emptying bins every week, laying and clearing table and also putting laundry in wash bins. They don't get paid for these jobs but might get pocket money for other jobs like polishing and hoovering!

My 6 year old little boy Callum will polish and Hoover the house and when he and his sister Cait 8 go to their nan’s he Hoovers and polishes her home too and my 15 year old son cuts the lawn every week but it cost £10 pocket money. My daughter doesn't do a thing.

My dad sent me to the shops with a note for his beer then the shopkeeper would phone dad to make sure it was for him 

My dad pays me to pluck his eyebrows :( Ew. 

We have chart up on the fridge for the kids to Put on what jobs they have done like dishwasher etc. they get 50 p for each thing.

My kids age 11 13 & 16 have to earn their electric and internet by hoovering stairs washing up tidying bedrooms and cutting grass I call it character building for the future!

My daughter Evelyn is 11 she has does the washing, ironing, feed the cats and dogs, Hoover, do the dishwasher cooks dinner twice a week and make me tea! 

I've been doing chores for years my 4 year old brother already knows how to vacuum and in the holidays if we want to do something we have to clean a whole room and get up everyday at 6:30 with the dog and my moms excuse is she works and cooks!

I help my mom by doing SOME drying up, putting my ironing away and fetching our cobs on a Saturday from our local shops. 

My teenage sons do no chores at all. To be honest, I am just grateful that they now flush the toilet. 

My son vacuums everyday after school washes up after tea changes his bed once a fortnight and puts the tea on my late nights!

Thanks for all your brilliant calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel x

Tuesday 19th June

This morning on the show we were talking about the fact that people that eat too much are threatening to wipe out all of mankind! It made us ask you the question - When have you gone out of your way for a sugar fix? Ed will east spoonfuls of chocolate powder, he’s driven to the garage for a mars bar, he’s eaten icing out of the cake drawer and our Rachel has eaten silver sugar balls and hundreds and thousands out of the packet!

We wanted your stories…

I used to live in London and was on the tube to work when I had a desperate craving for apple pie. I had to get off the tube 5 stops too early and walk around several cafes till I found some. Not only was I late for work but I had to pay for the tube twice. Totally worth it! 

I have spooned jam straight out of the jar!

My housemate received a box of posh chocolates for her birthday and left them on the side for 2 weeks. One night I couldn’t bear it any longer; I snuck downstairs, unwrapped them carefully and took out a layer. I then wrapped them back up and she was none the wiser. 

Once I ate nearly a whole tin of condensed milk to kerb my sugar fix 

My hubby has a crisp addiction. He once ate a half eaten bag of crisps he retrieved from an airport bin.

I have ripped bread into pieces and slightly fried it in order to make mini doughnut balls covers in sugar needless to say they ended up being little balls of oil!

Nesquick by the spoonful no milk!

I pinched a packet of chocolate buttons out of my children’s chocolate bag and also eat an open bag of chocolate fingers left from xmas at the back of the cupboard 

Thanks for your brilliant stories! They’ve made us hungry now…

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel x

Monday 18th June

It’s Mel from news’ last day today before her wedding! We know she’s worried about the weather and the food and all sorts of little things going wrong – but we wanted to know what sort of things have gone wrong at weddings, the guests see everything that goes on and so we asked you for your best story! Have you seen a fight? Mouldy cake?

Here are some of your stories…

I went to a wedding years ago where the bride and groom ended up having a fall out and fight at the evening do!

I worked as security at a goth wedding reception, the bride turned up in black. The groom arrived two hours later because he went to play pool with his mates. 

When I was a bridesmaid at 13 the vicar didn’t turn up! He forgot and was playing golf! The best man and ushers drove round other churches to find 1, luckily they did.

It had been crisp December days all week until our wedding day where it was foggy and wet! The vicar’s wife collapsed the morning of our wedding so he couldn't marry us and had to find a stand in and our DJ stole our venue flowers! 

 The day before our wedding I spent hours helping the hotel set up the room for our wedding breakfast, then unbeknown to me (thankfully) the ceiling collapsed..... thankfully the hotel hired plasterers & decorators overnight to sort it and I didn't notice anything wrong! Could have been so different had it collapsed 24 hours later all over our family and friends!

Our photograph took all our photos of the best man & groom, me & dad arriving at church without film in camera!

On my wedding day the whole service was in French no English translation I don't no what I was saying I do to!

My husband and best man disappeared in the pub next door to our reception. I wasnt best pleased but 15 years on we managed to survive.

Half way through my wedding service my bridesmaid was sick and then my uncle collapsed and we had paramedics and ambulance attend.

My daughter walked down the isle at Kidderminster registry office. Without her bridesmaids who had been sat in a side room to wait for her and her step dad to arrive. Everyone looked puzzled including the registry man who said shall we do it again this time with the bridesmaids!

I had a medieval wedding and when I got to church and saw all my friends and family dressed up I couldn't stop laughing then I started crying as I didn't want to laugh. I was that bad the vicar asked if I wanted to start again saying my vows.

I cut my foot open the day before I got married. Had to wear a blue plastic bag on my foot!

Thanks for all your brilliant calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel x

Friday 15th June

Elton John’s in town tonight!

It’s Euro 2012 and so we decided to do an on-air sweepstake with you!

We asked you to text in and we’d draw 13 countries and match you to them!

Here are the list of countries and the people representing them!

Spain – Lisa

Germany – Mark

Holland – Rachel

England – Kirsty

Italy – Our very own Ed James

France – Jack

Russia – Donna

Portugal – Ben

Ukraine – Emma

Croatia – Paul

Poland – Jayne

Czech Republic – Our own Rachel New

Greece – Tracey

Sweden – Katie

Denmark - Ashleigh

Thursday 14th June

Today is ladies day the Aegon Tennis! So we wanted to dedicate this gorgeous early morning to all the ladies by finding out what you are up to and speak to as many of you as we can.

Here are some of your messages.

On our way to the priory for our shift on reception, if only we could get some pampering :-( x

Having just walked the dog I'm now off for a swim before work. Go me! Jeni, Wolves (v unusual behaviour...!) 

My gorgeous daughter Hope is 15 today and is now a beautiful young lady!

I'm a young lady :D going to Drayton Manor with the best friend Beth and College :) because we are all cool like that, have a good day :):D xx 

Also on the show we also discovered that those cheeky boys from One Direction may have angered Simon Cowell… with a £14,000 mobile phone bill! So we asked… what’s your biggest bill? The one that gave you a mini heart attack!

Here are some of your stories.

We just went to cape verde for a cheap holiday. My boyfriend's phone bill for that week was £1540!! 

I cranked up a 200 pounds bill when I sent 8000 texts

£15,000 bill for a meal. My card was declined, the waitress made a mistake thank god...an extra 0.

£130k for a tax bill 5 years ago. Tax men.... Grrrrrrr

£64,500....! My now VERY ex-husband decided to buy a tractor! Then went to Mexico, leaving me the bill.... I fainted!!!

Oh my god, some of your bills!!!

Thanks for all of your messages.

Speak to you when you wake up!

Wednesday 13th June

This morning we told you about the top 50 list of things that are signs you’re a grown up/getting old! We asked for your suggestions of what you though should be on the list and promised that we’d share the actual list with you at the end!

So here is the official list…

Key signs of adulthood are no longer relying on mum and dad for financial decisions, being able to cook an evening meal from scratch and owning a lawn mower according to new research:

1.Having a mortgage

2.Mum and dad no longer make your financial decisions

3.Paying into a pension

4.Conducting a weekly food shop

5.Written a Will

6.Having children

7.Budgeting every month

8.Being able to cook an evening meal from scratch

9.Getting married

10.Having life insurance


12.Having a savings account

13.Knowing what terms like 'ISA' and 'tracker' mean

14.Watching the news

15.Owning a lawn mower

16.Doing your own washing

17.Taking trips to the local tip

18.Planting flowers

19.Being able to bleed a radiator

20.Having a joint bank account

21.Having a view on politics

22.Keeping track of interest rates

23.Finding a messy house annoying

24.Being able to change a light bulb

25.Owning a vacuum cleaner

26.Holding dinner parties

27. Listening to Heart (we’re kidding!)

28.Enjoying gardening

29.Spending weekend just 'pottering'

30.Mum starts asking you for advice

31.Carrying spare shopping bags just in case

32.Like going round garden centres

33.Wearing coats on a night out

34.Going to bed before 11pm

35.Making sure mum and dad are phoned at least once a week

36.Classing work as a career rather than a job

37.Repairing torn clothing rather than throwing it away

38.You iron

39.You wash up immediately after eating

40.Enjoy cooking

41.Buying a Sunday paper

42.Always going out with a sensible pair of shoes

43.You like receiving gift vouchers

44.Work keeps you awake at night

45.Filing post

46.Having a 'best' crockery set

47.Being able to change a car tyre

48.Being sensible enough to remove make up off before bedtime

49.Being able to follow a receipt

50.Owning 'best towels' as well as 'everyday towels'

Thanks for all your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Tuesday 12th June

Ed’s back! While he was on holiday in Turkey there was an earthquake – it wasn’t a major one but it was enough to do some damage and shake everyone up! Not something you’d expect to happen on holiday! Weirdly, Rach saw Nelson Mandela when she was on holiday once!

So we wanted to know what happened to you while you were on holiday that you really didn’t expect!

Here are some of your messages…

School trip, cross channel hovercraft crashed into harbour wall at dover.

Hurricane on honeymoon with cows floating down street & no electricity & riots in LA with gunman taking pot shots from the top of the supermarket opposite hotel! 

My then girlfriend and i went to Florida on holiday. 2 weeks later she came back married and pregnant!. We have been married 9 years today and our son is now 8.

9/11 happened when I was on holiday!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow. 

Monday 11th June

Julian and Rachel here this morning while Ed’s still off on his jollies – the great thing is he’s back tomorrow!

The boss text us this morning to give us some great news about Who’s on Heart – including some new clues!!! Head over here to find out more…

But Rach deleted the message straight away because she was worried that she’d accidently reply to the big boss with something inappropriate… It’s too easy to send the wrong message to the wrong person!

So we wanted to know when you’ve done it!

Here are some of your messages…

I text my boss whilst drunk instead of boyfriend and told him I loved at 3 in the morning!

I slagged off my boss by email to my colleague at the next desk for eating fruit and dripping the juice all over the carpet but sent him the email.

I mis-sent an intimate text to my girlfriend (bosses daughter) he did not know I was dating her!

I put a kiss at the end of a message thinking I was texting my other half and it was my boss but it was to late to cancel it the next morning well I got lots of stick off the lads I work with!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning… Ed’s back tomorrow!

See you bright and early! 

Friday 8th June

It’s Friday! The end of the shortest working week ever! Hello weekend!

This morning, we found out that the average person suffers from 9,672 ailments in their lifetime – so we asked, what ails you?

Here are some of your messages…

My eyelid sometimes flutters!

Cervical and lumbar spodylosis!

Walking to work with blister on little toe. Still hurts with plaster on. Can’t think of anything else but taking shoes off. :-(

I don't think fluttering eyelids really count ha!

Also on the show, Julian’s sister for got £5 for filling out a survey! How amazing is that! So we asked - have you ever got anything amazing from taking part in a survey? There’s must be some other great rewards out there in exchange for a bit of your time!

Some GREAT stories!!

I love doing market research!! I've got loads of free things over the years such as yoghurt, coffee, £5 for talking about greetings cards but the best one every was when I got asked to discuss the evening mail at a group session over two nights and I got ... £40!!! Always stop you never know what you might get!!

I once did a survey asking our thoughts on being able to top your mobile up by using the cashpoint machine we was all paid £30 for taking part.

I got £100 to look at a truck and give my views on it.

15 years ago I had free holiday to kos had to do survey on my return about hol.

£25 in cash once for sitting in a conference room in a hotel filling out a survey on baby isle layouts in supermarkets!!

It looks like we may have missed a trick! We thought £5 was amazing – wow!!

Have a great weekend! Maybe stop and do a survey whilst you’re out!

Speak to you Monday!

Thursday 7th June

It’s the second day of work this week and it’s Thursday! Don’t get too confused!

This morning we discovered that Julian (who’s in for Ed this week) does something a little bit naughty, he lies about his age! How old do you think he looks? We posted a photo on Facebook!

Julian Jones

Here are some of your guesses.

21+ VAT

If you got to lie about your age ur deffo over 30

32? And never good to lie about ure age hun cos it catches up with us all sooner or later x

Looks about 58 LOL

Well... Julian is only 24! (that’s what he tells everyone but he’s really 33!) – what do you think? Can he get away with 24?

Now it’s Rachel’s turn. We also discovered something about her – she’s comfortable with sharing a friends roll on, toothbrush and clean pants! So we asked, what things do you share?

Here are some of your share stories.

Happy to share roll on deodorant, mascara and even a pair of knickers if desperate (clean) obviously.

I share my wife’s hair brush.

I'll share a fork but not a spoon.

I want my husband to share me with the 25 year old stud who delivers the stationery to my office.

Thanks for all your messages! 

Speak to you when you wake up tomorrow!

Wednesday 6th June

Welcome to the middle of the week! Hope you all had a fantastic break! Ed’s continuing his, so this week Julian is in with Rachel!

On this morning’s show, Rachel revealed that she had a near death experience during her break – she was cornered by cows! So we asked, have ever been threatened/attacked by a usually docile animal?

Here are some of your messages.

A dear almost pounced on the car in the new forest!

I got flattened (literally) by a horse when I went to get mine in from the field. I had two perfect hoof prints on my bum as a result!!

Got chased by a herd of cows twice, second time with my friend. I asked her to help me look around for something to wave so she rummaged in her bag and pulled out a brush and a can of hairspray! I asked what was she going to do with that, style them? And why did she bring those on a hike in the first place! 

Chickens and a very clever daddy longlegs :(

Some great stories - thanks!

Rachel also came across one of life’s mysteries which even Google would struggle to answer….how many pieces of bread or toast is in a round? If you ask for a round, do you get one slice of toast cut in half or two actual slices of toast? Two slices of bread for a round of sandwiches or 4? Only people power can solve this.

Here are some of your suggestions…

I run J-J's cafe in Brownhills. If someone comes in and asks for a round of toast they would get one slice of toast. If they asked for a round of sandwiches they would get two slices of bread. Hope this helps.

I work at a coffee shop. The amount if people that don’t know either is unreal. A round is 2 pieces of bread. They come in and say can I have 2 rounds of of toast. But expect 2 pieces of bread.

As a child I remember my mom and dad having a heated arguement about this. It went on 4 days and they never resolved it.

I would think 1 round equals 1 slice for either sandwiches or toast!

Thanks for all your messages, it’s still not settled then!

Speak to you tomorrow, when it will be a confusing Thursday!

Julian & Rachel x

Friday 1st June

Its finally here! Jubilee/ bank holiday/4 days off work! We celebrated in style this morning with the chance for you to celebrate at Warwick Castle and we gave away a VIP trip to London!

You all got in touch with what your up to but we were most impressed with the kids from Little Heath Primary school who have re done the national anthem in the style of a rap!

Little Heath Primary 

Thursday 31st May

We’re only 1 day away from the jubilee weekend and this morning Ed wanted to know whether or not you can write to the Queen! Can you send her a letter? Will she reply? We asked for your opinions and experiences! We also wanted your tenuous connections to the Queen!

Here are some of your messages…

My daughter invited the Queen to her 18th birthday party and received a reply regretfully declining. We've still got the letter somewhere!

I wrote to the Queen for my Grandparents Diamond Anniversary. Send your picture to the communications Department at the palace and just put London on without a postcode. I got a card from the Queen for my Grandparents.

We sent a letter to the queen to come to our nursery party. We did actually get a reply saying she was very busy on that day the letter looked very posh and had a big picture of her face on the front of the card.

In 1994 the queen visited the midlands; I was a special constable & was allocated the duty of flower girl. Collecting the flowers given to her by the public. As far as I’m concerned she smells of ........ Flowers & wet paper!

My brother fixed her fridge!

I went to a garden party 3 years ago and the queen smiled and waved at me!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning with a very special royal big town showdown… We can’t wait!

See you tomorrow. x

Wednesday 30th May

We’re half way through the week and we have the Olympic torch back in the West Midlands this morning! To find out everything you need to know about the torch in our area, click here.

We’re just days away from the Queen’s jubilee and we keep seeing patriotic merchandise showing up everywhere! Union jack’s are over everything! So we wanted to know about the union jack stuff that you’ve seen out and about.

Here are some of your messages…

Union flag on traffic island. Sir Josiah Mason turned red, white & blue. Chester Road, orphanage road. 

the co-op in stitchley have union jack toasters, kettles and a telephone

Tepees made out of the Union Jack

i saw a union jack plastic pig car going down the road

I bought a union jack dress from adsa but it's grey & white, so I'll be able to wear again!

union jack dinner set

I have jubilee hands, painted my nails alternate red white and blue!

Kingsmill bread have changed their name to queensmill.

Aldi are doing a union jack chopping board and yes i bought one.

I bought some unions jack sparkly shoes!

I saw a union jack sparkly bow tie!

I wore union jack leggings for a jubilee day at work yesterday.

A corgi blow up balloon pet I want one!

The roof of my car has a union jack on it!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Tuesday 29th May

With the warmer weather still upon us (although it’s not as sunny today) we’ve began to notice annoying buzzing things flying around that have the power to sting us! Bees and wasps are everywhere at the moment and Ed is terrified of them! Rach is sure the only reason he’s scared is because he’s never been stung which made us ask you the question – Where have you been stung? Both where on your body and where abouts? We wanted to know!

Here are some of your messages…

I got stung on my testicles while scrumping pears

My friend was stung on the eyeball when a wasp got behind her sunglasses whilst she was on our trampoline. Hospital job!

After breaking her arm, my daughter was just getting out the car when she collided with a wasp that went into her sling and stung her broken arm. 

Getting stung on the bum! I had been scratching all day, went to the toilet and there was a dead wasp there.

My husband got in the shower and was stung on his privates

I was stung on the lip I looked like Lesley Ash!

A couple of years ago I got a wasp inside my motorcycle helmet and got stung on my lip.

I got stung under my arm pit while stretching 2 peg washing on line.

I got stung on the tongue by a wasp. It landed on my burger and I bit it in half.

We were having a picnic when I was younger and I went to take a swig from my can of pop but little did I know a wasp had crawled in the can! I swallowed the wasp and it stung me at the back of my throat!!! Very painful!

I've been stung on my arm, finger and jaw! Which swelled like a tennis ball for over a week!

I got stung on my boob!

Thanks for your brilliant calls and texts this morning!

This morning we also told you that Ed’s trying to teach his lambs how to do tricks! Check out this video of his kids trying to get Amanda Lamb to fetch a stick…

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Monday 28th May

We’re just a week away from the extra-long bank holiday weekend and wasn’t the weather just incredible this weekend?! Today it’s Spanish GCSE day so we wanted to know what things you can say in ‘foreign!’ Everyone knows how to say something in another language – normally rude – and we wanted to know what things you can say!

Here are some of the messages you sent in!

kiede benge volne clutch da pravnia. Studied in Poland and our uni block shared a laundry room. The above means 'when will the washing room key be free? I use it anytime I meet a polish person.

It's not very seasonal but MELLY KELIKKY MAKKA is merry Christmas in Hawaiian! Ps it's not the correct spelling.

I can say 'I can't run today because I have lost my trainers' in Danish

bugun gunes var ama ben ish var sonra biz mangle yapyourus Bernadine that means today we have sun but I have work later we will make a bbq.

I can say du bist eine grosser schiter unter hausen which means you’re a big pooey underpant in German. Useful for penalty shoot outs!

I can say do you want to make love on the beach in Dominican Spanish. De carus et sedra da mor et de playa.

i am learning Greek and have learned the most important phrase 4 hols . . Can i have half a kilo of red wine please.

I can say "Hold on tight to your dream" in French 

I can say hello and no worries in Swahili

Thanks for all your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Friday 25th May

This morning the Olympic flame set off from Worcester and made its way through the city centre and up towards Malvern! We spoke live to Julian Jones who was there at the scene and everyone was very excited!!! You can see all the pictures from this morning on our Facebook page here.

We also had a chat about how gorgeous the weather is going to be again today – the sun was out first thing this morning! We all love spending some time outside in the garden in the sun – it’s so peaceful and relaxing… Isn’t it?

Listen to Ed and Rach sitting outside…

We’re back on Monday morning when you wake up! Have a fantastic weekend in the sun! 

Thursday 24th May

Heat wave! Hot again today according to the weather gods and we can’t wait to spend the day in the sunshine (if it ever comes out from behind the clouds) – so this morning we opened up the (virtual) Heart Breakfast ice cream van! Ed was buying so we asked you what you wanted!

Here are some of your icy orders…

Nobbly bobbly. Teresa

Can I have an ice cream boat with two flakes?

A feast is great from Jeanette

Please can I have a lemon ice sorbet in a waffle cone, Trudy

Can I have some broken cornets please because when I was a kid the ice cream man gave us them free 

A screwball please

Mine’s a freshly made chocolate knicker bocker glory with some sprinkles on

When I was at secondary school you could get a 'lolly with a blob' which was a lolly with a blob of ice-cream.

Cider barrels and oyster shell from Jason and Alan 

Triple flake 99 with extra raspberry sauce. 

I’ll have a blue Mr. Bubble so I can bob my blue tongue out to every1 who hasn't got 1!

I fancy a 69 or a strawberry mivvi!

Thanks for getting in touch this morning!

We also wanted to test something out – we heard about the new Magnum Infinity ice cream which, apparently, when you bite through the chocolate into the ice cream – the chocolate grows back! We didn’t think that was right. Check out the advert below and watch Rach testing it out!

and here's Rach putting it to the test...

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up! (It’ll be Friday then – hoorah!)

Wednesday 23rd May

Wow! We’ve got a second day of sunshine! It’s feeling nice and hot again across the West Midlands today – so we asked you the age old question – Is it alright for men to walk around topless? Opinions please!

Here are some of your messages…

Defo not vile Brum just doesn't have the bodies!

It’s a big no unless they shave there arm pit hair then they’re just strange!

Why would anyone think we want to see their hairy chests and muffin tops. Yuk ban em unless they are very fit. Waxed and brad Pitt

my daughters partner was asked to leave asda bcuz he was topless! 

I agree with Rach you just don't want to see that round the Asda. There used to be a guy at my daughters school used to pick his kids up with no top on, he thought he was hot. Er Not

We saw a shirtless eating a meal in a posh restaurant, when he turned round it was my teacher! 

I saw one yesterday, he was strolling down the road obviously proud of his bouncing saggy moobs, he was willing me to make eye contact, but I was nipple height and had already seen enough. Horrific!

NOT....... women can't do it!

Not the sight I saw yesterday put me off my lunch!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

Last night was the first semi-final for this year’s Eurovision song contest that’s happening on Saturday night and we just had to share Russia’s entry with you… It’s 8 old ladies singing what appears to be an innocent and gentle song! Keep watching!

We’ll be back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Tuesday 22nd May

Good morning!!! The sun is shining and it’s looking lovely out there across the West Midlands this morning – is summer finally here? We’ll see…

This morning we wanted to know your tales of wimpish men – after Rach told us all about her boyfriend Chris who’s scared of bugs and airplanes and completely freaks out when he hears an airplane go over head.

Here are some of your messages…

My husband is a wimpy man, he's scared of holes in trees and holes in general

My hubby Immi is terrified of 'boo' movies. He once went 2 the movies with a male friend, jumped and knocked his drink over his friend’s nether regions.

I hate frogs and newts – they terrify me!

My husband is scared of sitting in the middle seat on a plane!!! So he ALWAYS has to have aisle or window seat while I’m all squashed up!

Thanks for your texts this morning… With the weather being this hot, this morning Ed decided to challenge Rach to a temperature quiz!

Listen back here…

We’ll be back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Monday 21st May

Good morning everybody! It’s a brand new week and we don’t want to jinx it, but the morning sky looks fab and it should continue to shine in the week!

To start the show, we asked a very simple question about your week. 

Good times and bad times.

Bad times my little girl Amy broke her arm yesterday and going to theatre today. Good times going to Wales for the week x 

Good times it's my birthday tomorrow. Bad times. I'm working away from home and not seeing my kids 

Good times. Went to see Westlife last night. They were really good!

Also on the show, Ed borrowed his friends car battery charger and he blew it up and still hasn’t replaced it! Rachel once borrowed a dress and ripped the zip right off it and gave it back! So we asked you, have you ever borrowed something that belongs to someone else….and broke it?

Here are some of your messages.

I went to my husbands friends house. They let us play tennis on their Wii fit, I managed to smash their chandelier and a shard of glass embedded in their 40" LCD TV.

My mom clean a ladies house n this lady loves crystal n mom broke the leg off her crystal fruit bowl and superglued it back on n she didnt confess lol

I broke my ex boys didgerido, that isn't a euphemism, I didn't fess up though, instead I placed it between the wall and the cupboard door in such a way that when I asked him to get me something from the cupboard and he opened the door it squashed the didgerido against the wall and 'broke' lol

My 10 year old son was listening this morning and said he broke a ruler at school and put it in someone else's desk , I had to tell him it was the wrong thing to do and try not to laugh in front of him lol

Finally, in lamb news, look who’s joined Amanda – say hello to George and Barbara!

Ed Lamb

See you tomorrow.

Friday 18th May

It’s Friday!!! We’ve had a funny one this week with random snowy patches, but the sun is shining this morning and the weekend doesn’t look too bad either! Tonight is takeaway night so we’ve been asking you what you’re having for tea later, and in return we’ll tell you the calorie count for a bit of fun! Sorry for making you hungry so early!

Here are some of your messages.

Ed n Rach, I'm on a diet now called the Aluzonne and I've had this test done that tells you how many calories your body burns at resting. Mine is 1100 per day!!!! Ive been working at 1500-2000 per day to keep healthy!!! #FAIL !!! So no more indian take aways for me! Mmmmm my tea tonight? Courgette crisps and a green salad flowing by a protein caramel shake ! YIPEEE bet you’re jealous eh?

By the time I get in from work I usually can't be bothered to cook so I'll probably have a massive bowl of popcorn with cinnamon sugar for my dinner tonight.   

Going for an indian so would probably have, a popadom, chicken chat starter, then a chicken madras, mushroom rice (shared with fiancé)and a cheese nan (shared again) .

I've got braising steak, mushrooms and onions with rice :-) also slimming world friendly.

Also on the show, shared our love for the ‘One Pound Fish’ man and it will be stuck in our heads for the next few days! (did you just sing the words one pound fish as you read that?)

Thanks for all your messages.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 17th May

This morning on the show we found out the shocking news that the BBC are axing all of their kids TV shows on BBC 1 & 2 and moving them somewhere else – including Blue Peter! Which weirdly - led us on to asking you about the kids TV characters and presenters you used to fancy?

Here are some of your great messages…

I had a massive crush on Penelope pitstop when I was a kid.

I loved Scot from Thunderbirds when I was a kid 

I loved Wurzel Gummidge, I think I felt sorry for him

Definitely Philip Schofield oh and Captain Simian Monkey

Peter purves off blue peter.

I fancied Donut off the double deckers!

Captain caveman the way he used say his name

John Craven from News round.

My crush was Ross from jossys giants! He was the striker who liked wet look hair gel.

I loved Keith Chegwin, met him when I was 14 and didn't wash his autograph off my hand for weeks!

It has to be Orville....I wish I could fly!

I had a crush on Sarah Green of Blue Peter. She was and still is a babe. A shame that Mike Smith married her.

Aunt Sally from werzel gummage.

I used to have a crush on Mr claypole out of rent a ghost!

I always had a crush on Georgina from grange hill!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

Atherstone played the big town showdown this morning… Rachel came along and got a great time of 50.6 seconds (it’s not actually great – it’s quite slow!) so if you think you can do better then why not click here and register to play for where you live!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Wednesday 16th May

Guess what we read in the paper this morning… according to a new U.S. study - close to one in three people may sleepwalk during their lives! We know you do it! We must have all got up in the night and wandered around the house at some point in our lives? Maybe as kids? So this morning we wanted to know your sleep walking stories.

Here are some of your great messages…

My sister cut a square out of out curtain one of the many crazy things she did in her sleep!

I was found walking naked in Japanese hotel clutching my passport!

I'm a regular! One of my best was when I got up and ran myself a freezing cold bath! Ah I stepped in the shock of the cold woke me up. I was starkers, light on, door wide open, two young female lodgers standing on the landing giggling at me!

When I was little I would sleep walk to the pantry and a packet of biscuits or go to fridge and take a bite out of a lump of cheese

Slept walked at my boyfriends, I woke up the next morning naked in bed with his cousin

I went to bed in hotel room, woke up on fire escape

I use to sleep walk when I was a child an use to think the loo was either the end of my sisters bed or in wardrobe, thankfully grew out of it

My dad had to secure my bedroom window when I was young because they caught me climbing out of it while asleep.

I think I walked in my sleep once, woke up in the morning to find blood on my pillow and a sore nose, got up went into the hall blood on the floor and books all ova the place.... Think I must have collided with it!

When I was about 10 I slept walked downstairs and went to go out the front door my dad stopped me and said I was going to find my mom he said your mom is here I looked at my mom and said that’s not her!

I sleep walked to the supermarket when I was 8 years old

I slept standing up in a sentry box in the arches while guarding Buckingham palace.

Thanks for all your great messages this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up…

See you there.

Ed and Rach x

Tuesday 15th May

Morning! The weather is playing jokes on us! We were meant to have some sunshine and showers but we’ve had plenty of texts to say it’s snowing! It is May right?

This morning, we’ve been chatting about the things we’ve been late for. Ed and Rach have both been late for weddings – Ed even turned up after the bride which isn’t the best! So we asked you, what’s the latest you’ve ever been for something?

If you thought Ed was bad, have a read of some of your late stories!

1 day late for neighbours funeral

I overslept and I had a phone call at 9am from the head teacher to ask why I wasn't at school. Unfortunately I'm a teacher and my class were sat outside the classroom waiting. 

Me and my mom were 24 hours late for our flight home from Turkey. Geniune mistake and we were stuck there for a extra week as the holiday company had gone bust so everyone was trying to get flights. We were a week late getting home to my dad and work were not happy lol but me n my mom were well brown ha ha.

I know a couple who went 2 a concert 1 year early! It was in Manchester and they had booked a hotel and babysitters!

I’m a driving instructor. I once took a pupil on a test only to find out we had the right time but it should have been the day before.

Brilliant! Also on the show was the latest antics of Amanda, Ed’s lamb. It walks through the electric fence like it’s not there! It’s like a super lamb, the dogs are scared of it!

Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

Monday 14th May

Monday morning and the weather’s back to its usual tricks today – but what a lovely weekend we had!

This morning we told you that almost a quarter (23%) of Brits admit to tracking their ex through social media – so we wanted to know what interesting things your ex is up to! If you’re stalking them on Facebook then let us know what you’ve found out about them! Share it with us…

Here are some of your messages…

My ex went has become a CAGE FIGHTER. Good escape!

I didn't want to find my ex but I started volunteering at a nursery and it turned out his cousin works there and now his new girl friend has started. I now get regular updates unwillingly!

I discovered my ex has being seeing my best mate. Apparently they have been having a fling for ages, even before she was my ex!

I found out my ex set up a pseudo identity of hunky muscle toned man on fb chatting to young women. He looked nothing like him he had the biggest moobs!

I found out my ex boyfriend has just got married – to a man!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We also replayed a bit of an interview that we did with Tom Jones a few years ago! It was very funny as we asked him a number of personal questions!

Listen here…

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Friday 11th May

Happy Friday! It’s the end of a short week and today the sun came out! So we took some of that with us in the studio by putting flowers into film titles. Here are some brilliant flower films!

Mary Poppies

Back To The Fuschia

Full Petal Jacket

Around The World in 80 Daisies

Also on the show, last night, Ed’s boy, Jacob threw a tantrum when he cooked him spaghetti carbonara for tea because he didn’t like the meat! So we wanted to know… what’s the weirdest thing you have ever seen a kid throw a tantrum about?

Here are some of your messages…

Hi guys. I work in a nursery & one day outside in the garden, 1 child is stood very quietly in the corner. I went over and he’s eating a snail!! Complete with shell!! So I took the disgusting mashed up snail off him and I have never seen a tantrum sooo big!! He'll thank me one day!

My nephew threw tantrum cause we took banana completely out of it’s skin.

My daughter used to have a paddy if I cut up her toast the wrong way!! Triangles instead of rectangles was a big issue.

My daughter threw a tantrum because i put the sauce in the wrong place on her plate.

My daughter when she was young used to have tantrums if the seam in her socks didn’t line up perfectly straight across the end of her toes

My two year old had a tantrum last night while watching Britain’s Got Talent, simply because she shares the same name as one of the acts, apparently she was unaware there's more than one person with the name "Hope!”

I buried my husband in the sand on holiday and made him into a mermaid. I obviously put boobs on him, as you do. At that point my daughter went mad, screaming and crying up the beach GET THEM OFF MOMMY! I hate you! Get them off now! Then she ran back to us and broke up the whole mermaid! Kicking sand everywhere. She was about 5. 

Thanks for your hilarious calls and messages! Have a great weekend, the suns meant to be shining!

Thursday 10th May

This morning we learnt about the bedroom suite that has been created for cats - costing over £1000! We think that’s ridiculous!!! Rach’s cat doesn’t have anything! Ed said that he thinks people really spoil their pets – so we asked you what luxuries and privileges you give your pets!

Here are some of your messages…

I have a Japanese akita, he has his own aftershave a sun coat so he doesn't get 2 hot in the summer!

My dog wont eat dog meat so she has chicken, steak, salmon, and fish daily, costs me a fortune!

My 4 year old daughter dresses up out British bulldog Mercy in tu-tu's and puts hair clips on her ears, paints her nails! I'm not sure who's the daftest because the dog sits and let's her do it!

I’ve got 12 pets my dogs have their own double bedroom with a humans double leather bed their duvet sets changed every week. They all get the best of everything after all they’re my pets. Kelsey. 

My baby goes to doggy day care its costs me 17.50 a day though it’s in Sutton Coldfield its fab!

Tone an Lindsey from wall heath our Chihuahua Porcha has got more dresses and coats than both of us put together, she even had leopard print fur coat from the clothes show in December.

I knew of a lady whose life was lived for cats....no surprise to hear that she actually spoon fed one of her cats whilst it sat on a kitchen stool wearing a babies bib!

My brother and I once rounded up an escaped sheep while my dog, a Border collie, watched from in my car because my mum didn't want her on the road because it was too dangerous!

Morning both my girlie Frankie has her own tiled mixer tap double shower tray in the garage for when we come off clent hills!

My two dogs are cooked a full Sunday dinner every Sunday by my boyfriend. Once I was not allowed a shepherd’s pie for dinner because there wouldn't be enough for the dogs. So we had to have dinner with meat potatoes veg the lot!

My step son massages and moisturises his dogs pads after a bath

My cat refuses to walk up and down the stairs so I have to carry him, if I'm not there he will sit there and wait  

Thanks for your brilliant calls and texts this morning – tomorrow’s Friday already! So have a great day today and we’ll be back with you first thing tomorrow!

Wednesday 9th May

We’re already half way through the week!

This morning on the show Rach told us she got her hair stuck in her car window when she went shopping yesterday afternoon! This must be a common problem for girls with long hair right?

So we asked you to tell us about the times you’ve got your hair stuck! We’ve all got a story for this!

Here are some of your great messages…

I got my hair stuck on a fly killer strip it was vile I've never ran so fast into the shower in my life!!!!! Lisa

I gave Danny from McFly a hug once and he got my hair stuck in his mouth... so embarrassing.

I got my hair stuck in a thorn bush it took an hour to get out.

I got my hair stuck in barbed wire in a field then all the sheep started charging towards me, thankfully they did not attack me, only sniffed me for half an hour from Alex 

I'm Zoe from Cannock and I got my hair stuck in my brothers remote control car and my mom had to cut it out so one side of my hair was longer than the other.  

In a club, stuck while dancing on someone’s jacket buttons!

I've got really long hair years ago I got it caught in my husbands flies whilst he was driving on the motorway while I was trying to get something off the floor and we had to pull over on the hard shoulder to release it. Lisa

I got my hair stuck in a tent zip! 

I once got my hair stuck around a shower head, took ages to finally rip out

I caught my hair in seatbelt started to panic that there was someone in the car with and started to scream!

Thanks for all your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up…

Ed and Rach x

Tuesday 8th May

We’re back after the long weekend! We hope you enjoyed your extra day off yesterday!

This morning on the show we wanted to know what things about the opposite sex you really love… What things are the deal makers on a date? What’s the one thing that makes you say ‘yes’?

Here are some of your suggestions…

A public school accent better still if it's accompanied by a rugby shirt with the collar turned up!

For me, it has to be the secretary look on women. A good pair of specs goes a long way ;)

A few teasing hairs thru open neck shirt

Sexy long hair and fringe over to one side.

Blonde hair

Smile, shoulders, eyes...

I can’t help go hum 4 a guy in a nice pair of brown shoes!

I always turn and look at guys with shaved heads. Weird but makes me look to see what rest is like.

I like a lovely smile & nice bum

Shoes do it for me!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning.

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Friday 4th May

It’s the long weekend already!! We made it through to Friday! So as we’ve got bank holiday Monday coming up and it’s an extra day with the kids in this miserable weather… It got us thinking about what classic movies you’ve seen that your kids should really see!

We asked you to text in your favourite classic movie that all kids today should see… We compiled all your messages and put together a top 10!

Here it is…

1. Goonies

2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

3. Labyrinth

4. E.T

5. Never Ending Story

6. Mary Poppins

7. Jungle book

8. Charlie and Chocolate factory

9. Gremlins

10. Back to the future

Thanks for helping us put together this list!

So over the wet weekend why don’t you get some of these movies and stick them on! They are classics!

Have a great weekend!

We’re back on Tuesday morning when you wake up!

Thursday 3rd March

This morning we brought you the news that football can help a relationship!

Apparently Tim Burton gives his wife (Helena Bonham Carter) a red card when she does something wrong! We thought this was brilliant so this morning we asked you what was the last thing that your partner did that you’d have given them a red card for?

Here are some of your messages…

My facial distinction is my nose! Whilst out for dinner one night and with a heavy cold, he looked at me with loving concern and said 'would you like me to wipe your nose for you darling? It’s nearer me than you!'

My boyfriend told me to get rid of window cleaner & he would do them. That was 2 yrs ago & he hasn’t done them.

He told me he would take me shopping for an outfit for sons wedding in June then got up and went out on his bike for 2 hrs. Put me on such a foul mood I wouldn’t go anywhere with him!

I showed me partner a picture of a really skinny girl with a large chest and said would you prefer it if I looked like that and he said 'it couldn't hurt'.

My hubby sent our 3 year old daughter 2 nursery with no knickers on when I was on a girly break!

She is never on time she said she wanted to take me for breakfast she was 30 mins late!

Red card for Nigel he never owns up to anything he has done wrong

Last night I was subjected to the soap awards because her indoors wanted to watch it!

He asked if I'd ever thought about having a tummy tuck!!!

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning (which is Friday!) and then it’s the bank holiday weekend!

Wednesday 2nd May

We’re half way through the week already!

Yesterday Ed went in a mate’s car and discovered it had something amazing – probably the best car accessory he had ever seen! In the driver’s door was an umbrella slot, where you can put your wet umbrella when you get in the car! Genius! Rach then revealed that her old Micra had hooks under the glove box to hold up your takeaway bag – to stop it falling over when you go around a corner!

This got us thinking… What other great accessories are there in cars? Not the normal ones like heated seats but weird and wonderful ones!

Here are some of your messages…

My mum’s car has a picnic table in the boot – complete with a hole in the middle for an umbrella!

I can changed at from two wheel to four wheel at flick of a switch

I’ve got a heated steering wheel

I have an Audi q7 and the glove box has a switch so it can be cold inside so great for chocolate and drinks on hot days :) and my hubby's car (jag) has seats that go hot or cold

My Honda Jazz has got a hidden compartment (not gonna tell you where!) and a chilled glove box - great for bottles of pop on a hot day.

My car has a reversing camera

The new range rover has a heated and chilled steering wheel

I installed a three pronged plug socket into my old car and I miss it now. 

My auntie’s car has eyelashes

Back massager.

My dad’s car is sooo amazing it has a tape player!! No other added extras.

My car has a place to put a sim card so I can wifi from it (not got a clue how to use)

Thanks for getting in touch this morning!

This morning Rob played the big town showdown and represented Nuneaton with a time of 50.8 seconds – it wasn’t a winning time and we know you could do better! If you want to step up and play for where you live then click here…

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Tuesday 1st May

Happy Mayday! We’re in to May already – where has the first part of this year gone already?! And what is going on with this terrible weather?

This morning on the show we wanted to know about you kiddy keep sakes – so the things that you’ve kept from when your kids were little or the things that your parents have kept that were yours... The stories that came in were more than we expected!!!

Here are some of your great texts…

I kept my daughters grommets. Marcia

I kept my stretch marks

I kept the Umbilical cord and the clip. Sally

I have my daughter’s placenta in the freezer!!!

My dad saved a lock of my hair until he died in 1991 sue

My mum presented me with my 1st school reports and books on my 30th birthday. 

I bought all their teeth off the tooth fairy, and still have them, my kids are both in their 20’s!

I have 3 complete sets of baby teeth! Each tooth is in a small brown envelope with name, date and location of child when tooth fell out!

I kept the staples from my caesarean when I had my first, the second was a forceps delivery...they wouldn't let me keep those

I kept my husbands blue 'scrubs' hat he wore in theatre

We kept our daughters first feeding bottles umbilical cord baby vets shoes everything.

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up…

If you were listening to the show this morning, you’d have heard we played you the brand new single by Train – it’s called ‘Drive By’ and we love it, so here’s the video…

Monday 30th April

It’s the last day of April already and the sun has been shining across the West Midlands this morning – it’s a shame about the awful weather that the weekend brought! Wet, wet and even more wet!

This morning on the show we decided that we were going to build the heart breakfast ark – so that we can all escape the floods that are supposed to be coming! And we wanted to know what you’d take on board. So we asked you for the one thing that you’d take with you and the one thing that you’d leave behind to drown!

Here are some of your texts…

I would take Joey Essex and leave sprouts from Abbey

Johnny Depp in yum marmite out yak

Bethany aged 14 take Daniel Radcliffe and leave behind stilton cheese

Keep the Meerkats get rid of Go Compare fat man with moustache! Michelle

I’d take Jason statham leave ironing

I’d take chocolate and leave running shoes!

I asked my husband he said he would take his fish but leave my dog

Take roller skates leave my big sister

I’d take lap top and leave Jedward from mike

I'd take olly murs and leave behind moths! Mollie

Take the dog and leave the husband!-moireen

I'd leave David Cameron, and take cleggy if he agreed to clean my shoes. Liz

I'll take a life raft and leave behind the saying "women and children first' Richard

On the ark I would take David Walliams, he is so funny, but leave behind Simon Cowell. Helen

I'd take chocolate but leave behind pickled onions! Debbie

Thanks for your great texts this morning.

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

See you there!

Friday 27th April

It’s Friday!!!

This morning we wanted to know about your self improvement disasters, and by self improvement we mean to yourself! So we wanted to hear about your fake tan failures and your waxing woes!

Here are some of your great messages…

A friend of my husband is quite dark skinned; a few years ago he decided that as he was losing most of the hair on his head rather than shaving it he would put his wife’s immac on it instead. Unfortunately he left it on too long and he burnt his head and it went bright pink

I once brought this new hair removal mousse i put it on my bikini line bear in mind id left my pants on and when I swilled it off the mousse had soaked straight through my pants and removed the whole lot

I once squeezed a spot on my nose before a date....I broke my nose!

I Put eye lash extensions on... Didn’t take them off, and when I was asleep must have rubbed my eyes and they fell off!!... Not only that but they fell in my mouth and almost choked me!

I put immac on my eyebrows to try to reshape them without pain. I lost half my eyebrows so was left with about a centimetre of each eyebrow

I knew you could use diluted detol to treat. Spots so as a teenager decided to try it neat all overt face. Needless to say it pretty much burnt off the whole top layer of my skin.

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back Monday morning when you wake up…

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 26th April

This morning Ed told us that his little, 5 year-old daughter Jaime wants to get her ears pierced! He thinks she’s far too young but we didn’t all agree…

So we wanted your opinions, should he let her? How old were you when you had your ears pierced/how old was your little one?

Here are a few of your messages…

My little 5 year old Aimee is also going in about having her ears pierced, I said she had to wait till she was 13, she's not happy about it she's trying to bargain with me!

The summer before they go to secondary school!

My daughter is 14 and wants her tummy button pierced!!!!!!!!! Obviously I said no!

It’s a No No! My daughters been asking since she was 5 she's 10 now. Another 4 years to wait. 

I had my pierced for my holy communion at 7 I think possibly 10 is better age though.

Both my girls had their ears pierced at 5 at the beginning of the summer hols. They can wear small studs at school- go on be a lovely dad!

I wasn't allowed until I was 16

My daughter had her ears pierced when she was 2 and has had no problems with them and she will be 5 tomorrow

I had my daughter’s ears done when she was 6 months old and now she's 5 and never had any problems taking them out or putting them in.

Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up (and it’ll be Friday!)

Oh and here's something...

Here’s the top 10 list of things couples argue about in the bedroom – is your bedroom bicker on here?!

1.       Hogging the duvet

2.       Snoring

3.       Being too hot

4.       Not being 'in the mood'

5.       Allowing the children to sleep in the bed

6.       Venturing on to the wrong side of the bed

7.       Being too cold

8.       Being touched by your partners cold feet

9.       The time at which you go to bed

10.     Leaving a light on to read

Wednesday 25th April

Wet and horrible outside today!!!

This morning we told you about the wedding present that Julia Roberts is giving Brad and Angelina – baby sitting! That’s a bit weird (and cheap!) don’t you think?!

It got us thinking, everyone asks for cash these days – but we’re sure some people have given or received weird wedding presents in the past… So we wanted to know from you what weird wedding presents you’d got!

Here are some of your messages…

Our worst wedding present was an urn!

A two foot papier-mâché goose

A ceramic pug ugly duck shaped toilet brush!

I had a 5litre bottle of washing up liquid and 18 toilet rolls wrapped in a black bag

My brother had a helicopter ride over London as a wedding gift........ But when he arranged to book it, it was only for one passenger!

I had a door bell that played tunes 

I had a day out at a water park for my wedding present

We got a two foot high wooden penguin, wouldn't be without 'him' now!

56 whiskey glasses!

I was given the Harley Davidson Harley Hog biscuit jar! It was a huge white pig in Harley cycle leathers! Tacky! I sold it on ebay when we divorced! 

When my uncle got married for the 3rd time I gave him a list of local divorce solicitors in his area!

Thanks for all your calls and texts this morning.

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up with another round of the Big Town Showdown!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday 24th April

This morning we told you the story about Liz Hurley and Shane Warne who have revealed their silly pet names for each other!

We wanted to know if you and your partner have pet names for each other (the weirder the better) and what they were!

Here are just a few of the pet names you sent in…

My partner calls me rumpy and I call him budda

Inch (because he is not very tall! ;-D)

My missus calls me Shaggy. Apparently whatever happens 'it wasn't me'

My fiancé call me Paddington bear

I call my hubby poo face when he does something particularly sweet

I call my partner Sugarlips

My nickname for my other half is "chicken-poppaloppa"

My girlfriend calls me cuddly bear.

My partner calls me his little chunky monkey and he is my welsh sea warrior.

My pet name for my other half is gizmo, which is the cute gremlin

I call my fiancé Lester pooh bear because I like to snuggle up to him to keep me warm

I’m porky lil and he’s pork chop

Morning guys my pet name for my hubby Kev is popa smurf

Thanks for your messages!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up with another round of the big town showdown!

Make sure you register to play for where you live!

Monday 23rd April

Its St George’s day and Shakespeare’s Birthday today!

To celebrate everything that’s great about being English we decided to get you involved in telling us exactly what it is that we do, that ONLY we do…

So we asked you to complete this sentence… ‘Only in England do we…’

Here are some of your brilliant messages…

Wake up in the morning not knowing whether to dust off the BBQ or dig out our snow boots

Only in England do we believe the soaps are real life

Morris dance!

Only in England do we spend half our life sitting in traffic jams!

Only in England we refer to dinner as tea

Applaud all the time!

Say we’re fine and well when we’re not especially in the doctor’s surgery!

Only in England to we have a group called Chas and Dave.

Wear socks with sandals

Say sorry even when we aren’t at fault

Only in England do sit eating food we don’t enjoy and even when we are asked we say its nice just because we don’t want to make a fuss!

Have more road works than roads. Especially at bank holidays.

Only in England do we get our dangley bits out for the nation on programs like embarrassing bodies!

We call a drought then it rains everyday after.

Only in England do we sit on a beach wearing coats!  

Thanks for all your great calls and texts!

This morning we brought back the Big Town Showdown – where we’re trying to find the cleverest place in the West Midlands…

If you want to step up and play for where you live then head over here now to register!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Friday 20th April

It’s Friday and today is husband appreciation day!

So we wanted you to come on and let us know about the husband’s that you really appreciate and the small things that they do that make you smile! You told us about your husband and we gave him a manfare!

Here are some of your messages…

Jo from Oldbury my man rich he is amazing and he never moans when he takes me to work every morning at 4 am

My husband Wayne does my daughters hair nicely when i am at work.

My lovely husband just paid for me to have a gastric band! He's amazing and I'll never be able to thank him enough.

Please give Colin Overton-Fox a Manfair for bringing me breakfast in bed getting my car out of the garage and even turning it round so that I can just drive off to work this morning.

My old man Darren deserves a fan fair for cooking me a lovely pasta bake 

My man looked after our son Connor while I went to Iraq for 6 months and he also does all the housework. 

My other half Jay got our daughter dressed in a lovely outfit - shame the outfit was pink and he put orange socks on.

1st week in my new job and. My hubby made a full roast dinner when I got home on Wednesday burnt the potatoes but it was great!

My hubby broke his hand and in cast he still been hovering , ironing cooking for me and two kids

My husband rod paid for my Botox last night

My husband simply told me that I make him very happy

Thanks for all your calls and texts this morning!

We also spoke to Welsh legend and international pop sensation Tom Jones! – He called the show this morning, listen back here…

Have a great weekend!

We’re back Monday morning when you wake up!

Thursday 19th April

It’s almost the weekend ;)

This morning on the show we wanted to know what about someone would stop you dating them… So in essence – I couldn’t date someone that…!

Here are some of the great messages that you sent…

I wouldn't date a woman with more facial hair than me.......hairy shoulders aren't good either!

I couldn't date a girl with a sheep fixation and carried a crook.

I wouldn’t date anyone who embalmed people in case he had other plans for me like a training day perhaps.

A man who clears his throat every other word! 

long nails its just so wrong!

I wouldn't date a woman who'd been out with my mate stinky Pete.

I wouldn’t date a bald man

I wouldn't date a woman with a hairier top lip than me!

I wouldn't date a man who wears white socks

I wouldn't date anyone who didn't like dogs!

I would not date a woman who works at butchers

I could never date anybody who supports Manchester united.

Someone who constantly sniffs instead of blowing their nose

I wouldn’t date anyone who works on radio they talk to much

Has not got their own teeth!

Thanks for your great calls and texts this morning!

We’re back tomorrow when you wake up!

(Which will also be Friday!)

Wednesday 18th April

This morning we wanted to know what you’ve been told off for as an adult! Rach was told off by her piano teacher yesterday for not cutting her nails – and through fear she cut them as soon as she got home!

So we wanted your stories of being told off as an adult…

Here are some of your great texts:

Told off by the wife for leaving the big lights on, felt like back with the parents, I'm 45! 

I got told off yesterday by the boss for chewing all the pens in the office. Now I’ve got to buy new ones. 

A colleague of mine was told off for whistling the other week - apparently its offensive!

Me and my husband were told off for talking in a bingo hall. Angela 

I was told off in my slimming group for talking when it wasn't my turn.

told off by 5 yr old daughter , I'd put drink on floor and she knocked it over, I shouted and she looked at me and said actually mommy its your fault you always tell us never put drinks on floor as accidents happen , she was right , I was told off

I was told off yesterday by the wife for using the wrong porridge!

I was told off by my two year old nephew for throwing a ball at his mummy. He put me on the naughty chair and told me I had 4 minutes! He then explained what I had dome and asked if I was sorry

My director told me off for calling my boss a naughty word

I was told off for not filling in a return to school on crutches form Monday when I sent daughter back to school after breaking her foot

It’s farmer rich I’ve just got told off by a farmer for being to early picking some cattle up for market!

Thanks for your great calls and texts this morning…

Today also marks 100 days to go until the start of the Olympic Games! Normally on the show we have diving star Tom Daley doing a little count down, but this morning we decided he needed to do more than just say the numbers!

We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Have a great Wednesday!

Ed and Rach.

Tuesday 17th April

Today is national stress awareness day! So this morning we asked you to tell us what was stressing you out and we played you some whale music/panpipes to help you relax!

We keep seeing advertisements from companies that are the 'official provider' of something to this year's Olympic Games - for example the official provider of chocolate, or the official provider of hotels - and we realised that we needed some official providers!

We asked you to text in and let us know what you could be the provider of and we put them all together in a list!

Check out the list here!

Some of the things – we don’t even know what to do with!

We’ll be back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Monday 16th April

This morning we learnt that a list has been compiled of 100 foods to try before you die... It’s a weird list as well! (Check it out below…)

1. Abalone                 

2. Absinthe                

3. Alligator                

4. Baba Ghanoush               

5. Bagel and Lox                  

6. Baklava                 

7. Barbecue Ribs                  

8. Bellini                     

9. Bird's Nest Soup                

10. Biscuits and Gravy          

11. Black Pudding                 

So we wanted to know what weird food you’ve eaten, and where?!

Here are some of your brilliant messages…

Shredded jellyfish in Saudi Arabia – Laurie
Chocolate coated scorpion – Richard

In Italy 2 weeks ago I had Pasta Parcels with Donkey- Dom

John here I’ve eaten chickens feet whilst in Jamaica

Chicken feet in china

I had zebra liver for breakfast, tasted great!

I had reindeer curry in Alaska last year – Alex

I ate snake in Australia – Steve

As a kid my dad used to do us brains and egg on toast. I didn’t realise it was really sheep’s brains till years later. 

Thanks for all your calls and texts this morning!

Don’t forget the jackpot for Who’s On Heart is now £60,000!!! Make sure you get involved!

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Friday 13th April – Unlucky for some!

It’s the weekend! (Almost!)

This weekend see’s the start of the Grand National at Aintree and also the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and naturally – we needed to do something about this!

This morning we told you your race horse names!

If you want to find out your race horse name then head over here… and let us know what your race horse name would be!

This morning we also set Rach the Titanic Challenge! We got you to ask her questions about the Titanic, and if she got the answer wrong then she got a bucket of ice cold water to the face!

Watch the video here…

We also played the final round of the Little Town Showdown – does Charlotte crown Stafford the cleverest place in the West Midlands? Find out after Reece plays for Birmingham…

And remember - the jackpot for who's on heart is a staggering £60,000!!!

What would you spend that sort of money on? Fancy car, trip around the world, new pants every day?!

Here's what that sort of cash looks like! (we got to go in a bank after hours!!!)

Have a great weekend!

Ed and Rach

Thursday 12th April

Almost the weekend!

This morning on the show we wanted to know what gigs you’ve been too that you’re embarrassed about?! Steps are at the LG arena in Birmingham tonight and we’re sure there are some burly guys going that would never admit it!

Here are some of the messages that you sent in…

My wife dragged me to see Right said Fred

Chas n Dave! Can’t get much better

I went to see Blazin Squad about 9/10 years ago! 

I went to see 5 star at the nec in the 80's. It was a great gig at the time, sponsored by McLean’s toothpaste

Kid Creole and the coconuts

I went to see Peter Andre in 1996 and he was awesome

I once accidentally went watching Hanson

I have been to see chumbawamba, liberty x and supa sister!

I went to see chesney hawks on my stag night shocking.

I went to see Jimmy Nail!


Thanks for your calls and texts this morning!

Today we also play the penultimate round of the little town showdown and today we have Charlotte stepping up to play for Southam! How will she do? Listen here…

We’ll be back, same time tomorrow!

Wednesday 11th April

We’re half way through this week already!

This morning on the show Ed told us that his kids want pet rats… Which obviously he doesn’t know anything about – other than he’s not keen on the idea but doesn’t want to say no to the kids…

So we asked you if you’d ever kept pet rats and whether or not they made good house guests – and if you’d recommend them?!

Here are some of your messages…

My daughter has 2 Sirius and scabbers both boys they r so friendly one of them loves going down your top. Typical male

I have had rats for years. They are social and very entertaining. Boys are calmer than girls. You must have at least two.

Our friends used to have rats I still can’t get the smell out my head

I've never had rats, but after reading the book the rats, I never will

My sister had an evil rat that used to bite so she took it back to the shop and they exchanged it!

Rats are great. They're friendly and sociable and just so cool.

You catch Weils Disease from rats- disgusting creatures!

I've had rats and they make great pets mine didn't bite unlike hamsters! The female ones make better pets however u would need to clean them regularly as they can whiff a bit.

Thanks for all your calls and texts this morning!

Here’s today’s Little Town Showdown – today little Jacob steps up to play for Hagley!

Listen here…

Have a great day! We’re back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Tuesday 10th April

Ed and Rachel are back for the 4 day week!

This morning on the show we had a HUGE announcement for you! To find out more details about this announcement head over here…

This morning we also spoke to the gorgeous, hat wearing Olly Murs! We spoke to him about touring the USA and challenged him to an American music quiz!

Listen back to our chat with him here…

We are also continuing our brilliant online game the Little Town Showdown – it works exactly the same way as the Big Town Showdown except the little people of the West Midlands step up and play for where they live…

Here are the players that played over the weekend!

And here’s today’s player – it’s little Kayleigh playing for Wolverhampton!

Have a great Tuesday and we’ll be back tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Thursday 5th April

Here it is...

The 4th instalment of the Little Town Showdown!

Today Charlotte steps up to play for Stafford.

How will she do? 

Listen here...

Wednesday 4th April

This morning Steve gave away a pair of tickets to see Westlife live on their final ever UK tour when they come to the West Midlands in May! 

And today is the 3rd instalment of the little town showdown! 

Today's player is George, playing for Cheslyn Hay!

Very funny... Listen here...

Tuesday 3rd April

So you want to hear the second instalment of little town showdown?

Well here it is...

Today we meet Hayden, who's playing for Oldbury!

Listen here...

Monday 2nd April

It's the start of a brand new (4 day!) week and Steve Denyer is in for Ed and Rachel as they're taking a well deserved break! As you may have heard, Hazel put Kings Heath at the top of the Big Town Showdown leader board and on Friday we celebrated her keeping the top spot and crowning Kings Heath as the cleverest place in the West Midlands - now if you're missing the Big Town Showdown... We have got a very special treat for you... Every day for the next two weeks we've got a special version that we're going to be playing online called the Little Town Showdown - where the kids step up and play for where they live...

Today we kick it off with Sutton Coldfield - where Sam steps up to play!

Friday 30th March

This morning we celebrated King’s Heath winning this season of the Big Town Showdown!!! Hazel put them at the top of the leader board with a record breaking time of 25.7 seconds! Check out the full leader board here and see where your town came… We’ll be bringing the big town showdown back in a few weeks time!

This morning we also celebrated national cleavage day!

Also this morning - Welsh Rugby fittie Gavin Henson joined us on the show! Chatting made up stories and kids we decided to set him a challenge...

And as it’s a Friday, we decided that it was only right to have a look back through all the news that’s happened this week and put it in a song for you… So here is the Friday song…

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 29th March

We’re almost at the weekend and what a week it has been!! If you haven’t yet seen the video of Spaghetti Junction’s don’t stop believing then check it out here…

Thanks for all your support for the song! We know the West Midlands has got talent and we think this video proves it…