How to Beat the Heat

19 June 2017, 14:49 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Sleeping teen

The temperature across the West Midlands is set to top 31 degrees this week. Parts of the UK will even be hotter than the Bahamas. However, a major bug bear of us Brits is sleeping when it’s warm so Heart Breakfast’s Ed & Gemma have put together an ultimate guide to beat the heat!

Have a cold shower before bed

Jump in the shower and put it on the coldest setting! You’ll feel so cold you won’t even remember it’s warm and you’ll fall straight to sleep

Loose the clothes

Ditch the PJs and as many clothes as possible. Get down to your birthday suit, you’ll be much more comfortable.

Ditch the partner

Unfortunately, it’s time to ditch your partner (for the night at least) sleeping alone is much cooler than sleeping with someone else.

Get a hot water bottle

This isn’t a trick, get yourself a hot water bottle, fill it with cold water and then throw it in the freezer.

Change your bed sheets

Get yourself some light-coloured bed linen made of lightweight cotton. They provide ventilation and cool you down.

Throw those sheets in the freezer

After getting your brand new sheets, now it’s time to throw them in the freezer (we’re serious). Maybe put them in a plastic bag first.

If all else fails…

If all else fails then go sleep in the freezer…