Mars: The Rejects

2001 A Space Odyssey sunrise

We've spoken to Maggie from Coventry, the Birmingham University PHD student who has made it down to the final 100 candidates to head to Mars. That's great. But what about the ones who didn't make the cut?

We've managed to track down some of the "audition" videos of hopeful astronauts, and to be honest, you can see why they might not have made the final cut.

From homemade helmets, to special skills and even a musical version of a CV! The auditionees found some weird and wonderful ways of trying to make an impression to the Mars One team.

First up there's Derrek, he decided that a musical number about all his skills would be the best idea: 

And then there was Amy. Amy's got a special skill that would serve her well in a big Martian game of hide and seek!