Nathan Sykes Sings On Heart Breakfast

Nathan Sykes Sings on Heart Breakfast


Nathan Sykes has such a beautiful voice, Rachel even called him the next Michael Buble!

We're thinking of buying a bed for Nathan Sykes and putting it in the office, he just can't stay away from us! He loves popping in to see Ed & Rachel but we do love having him on the show! 

We think he's after Ed's job and with a voice like his Ed really doesn't stand a chance.

Nathan popped in to talk about his new single, Over and Over again and to let us know that he will be supporting Little Mix on their Get Weird tour next year. 

Whilst he was here we wanted to see just how beautiful his voice by giving him a page full of 'Bad News' and challenged him to make it sound like good news. 

We're pleased to say that 2 hour delays on the M6 has never sounded so good.