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Paul Taroni is on a trek to the North Pole and we're following him on his journey.

To the most northerly point in the world, through treacherous icy cold conditions, Heart listener Paul Taroni is making his way to the North Pole to raise money for Have a Heart & The Albrighton Trust.

We're going to be keeping track of Paul on his journey and keeping you up to date with a daily blog that he is posting here! We'll be speaking to him on the show via satellite phone once he starts his trek as well! 

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Wednesday, 11th April, 2012 – 11.00am UK Time

Hey – you lot down there?

We’re on Top of the World!!!!!

We did it! We made it!

We’re in the middle of doing our Victory Dance trying not to spill the whiskey!

Wednesday, 11 April, 2012 – 5.25am

Made great progress yesterday through really though terrain.  Ice is hard and sharp!  Had a bit of open water to negotiate but once we got through this we were able to crack on.  Managed to do 10.5miles yesterday.  Beautiful sunny day.  Though it sounds lovely to have these weather conditions, this is without doubt, the toughest challenge we have ever put ourselves through.  Everyone is exhausted by the end of each day and after all the tents are up, all we can do is try to keep warm and we welcome sleep with open arms.

We’re just packing up the tents now to head off again.  We have roughly 5miles to do today to get to The Top of The World – our target is to reach the North Pole by lunchtime today, 11 April, 2012.

Thank you to everyone for your support - knowing that you are willing us on makes this just that little bit easier.

Monday 9th April, 2012

Here's where I'm off to - a nice little map of the North Pole!


Easter Sunday – 8 April, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone – hope you are all enjoying your roast dinners!  Many thanks to everyone for your encouraging messages – they really mean a lot to us and keep the spirits high.

It’s roughly mid day here now. We haven’t moved since last night – still in the tents.  The visibility isn’t good outside so we’re staying put, keeping warm and waiting for clearer skies.  Thankfully we took a chessboard with us – I spy got a tad boring!

Will try to update you tomorrow – as we inch closer to The Top of The World

All the best


6.00pm – 4 April, 2012

Our sledges have been packed and checked and are now off to the airport to the Russian aircraft.  Checked and double checked.  That’s it, there is no more we can do to prepare.  We’re off tomorrow.  Everyone seems to be in their own worlds now – thinking of the momentous trek that they are about to embark on.

Paul Taroni

9.30am – 3 April, 2012

Sledge packing and food packing this morning.  10 days of chocolates looks quite sickening.  Alan and Brian are heading off to the Sheriffs office now to get the gun licences.  We want go off exploring this afternoon into the mountains – but can’t go without a gun and flares.  Really strange to see folks walking along the street or skiing pass our dorms – all with guns on their backs.  Nobody ventures out into the hills without a gun. Just heard from another group that Polar Bears have been spotted not too far away.
Team Meeting



8am – 2 April, 2012

So sledge packing this morning.  Cookers, fuel, ropes, fire blankets, food – the lot.  All need to be packed into a sledge the same size as the ones we were pulling on the beaches at Burnham on Sea.   50kg in total per man to pull – all whilst wearing skis.

Andrew took Brian out on this own this morning on the ski’s.  Went a whole hour without falling or swearing!  By Gad, I think he’s got it!  Perfect!  But we knew he would – failure doesn’t exist for Brian – All Hail Brian!

8am – 1 April, 2012

So today is the first day that we really get to test out the Arctic clothing.  8am breakfast followed by skiing.  Now skiing is quite a common pastime these days – however, four out the 6 of us here have never put on a pair of ski’s before – now we need to spend 10 days on them, trekking to the North Pole.  This should be an interesting morning…
More to follow...

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