The Most Common Passwords Of The Year

common passwords

How good is your password? Heart Breakfast’s Ed and Rachel uncovered the most common passwords of 2015, and they're really obvious!

Have a think what your password is for Facebook, twitter and even those really old 'hotmail' accounts. Have you EVER actually changed them?

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Then there's a good chance your password is in the the list for the most common passwords still in use in 2015.

The password "123456" is somehow, the most popular, followed by the word, "password"... Very inventive.

"Football", "welcome", "login" and "abc123" were also included on the list.

Newcomers to the list this year include "starwars" and "solo", coinciding with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

star wars 7 trailer

Other favourites include "dragon", "monkey", and "let me in".

Listen back to the moment Ed made Rachel guess which useless passwords were at top of the list. 

Check out the full list below.

1 123456  
2 password  
3 12345678  
4 qwerty  
5 12345  
6 123456789  
7 football  
8 1234  
9 1234567  
10 baseball  
11 welcome  
12 1234567890  
13 abc123  
14 111111  
15 1qaz2wsx  
16 dragon  
17 master  
18 monkey  
19 letmein  
20 login  
21 princess  
22 qwertyuiop  
23 solo  
24 passw0rd
25 starwars