Have we found the West Midland's Bieber?

16 June 2017, 13:21 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Justin Bieber

Ed & Gemma have found the next Justin Bieber and he's from the West Midlands

Justin Bieber should be quaking in his boots. The worldwide mega star now has competition from the West Midlands!

Bieber has been criticised in recent weeks for not knowing the words to his own song ‘Despacito’. The Canadian was filmed singing Burrito and Doritos instead of the original words.

Well the West Midlands now have their own answer to Bieber, 11 year old Harry Jefferson from Birmingham. Harry sang ‘Despacito’ in his school talent competition and spoke to Heart Breakfast’s Ed and Gemma on Thursday Morning.  

Harry said he taught himself the words to the song in the past 2 weeks. He even gave Ed and Gemma a special rendition of the song. You can hear the song below.

Justin Bieber should be worried, Harry’s coming to get him.