They're Doing What With Croissants?!


Croissants are being re-made into a different shape and size to make it easier for customers to spread jam on them, yes we're being serious.

One supermarket is chucking out its crescent-shaped croissants and replacing them with straight ones instead.

The reason? British croissant eaters struggle to spread their jam on a curved surface, leading to dwindling sales of French pastry – apparently. 

Research claims as many as three quarters of customers prefer straight croissants over bent ones. Could this be the most boring research ever undertaken? 

There's also an issue with keeping the name 'Croissant' as that actually means 'Curved' in french, but the croissant will no longer be curved?

Ed & Rachel wanted to know what other foods need tweaking to just make them that little bit better.

After speaking to loads of people on Heart Breakfast on Friday we've created a top 5 list of foods that could be improved to make them that little bit better.

Number 5 
Any fruit with seeds or stones in them like oranges, avocado and plums.  
It would make life so much easier but it might cause an issue a few years down the line when we don't have any more on the planet... 

Number 4
Change the shape of a Butternut Squash
Let's be honest, who doesn't look at a butternut squash and think, 'What am I supposed to do with this'?

Number 3
Have eggs that are only Yolk or White.
It would make baking easier and please the picky people that only like one bit or the other.

Number 2
Meat and fish with any type of bones in them
This could be very tricky but it would make life easier!

And finally the top spot goes to...
Number 1
The Crumpet!
Get rid of all those annoying holes that allow the butter to drip through onto your plate.