Tweet Who?!

Tweet Who 1

To celebrate Twitter turning 10 years old this week Ed & Rachel brought back one of the shows most loved features! Tweet Who!

If you're one of our veteran listeners you'll remember our little game called 'Tweet Who' from a year ago!

And if you're a new listener then don't worry, it's a very simple game.

Ed finds some of the BEST tweets from a handful of the worlds best known celebrities, he then gives Rachel 3 different options of who could of written that tweet and Rachel has to work out who it was more likely to have been!

Here's an example:

Who wrote this tweet?

"The script meeting sausages have arrived. D x #BoxOfSausages"

Is it...
A. Michael McIntyre 
B. Ant & Dec
C. Morgan Freeman

Then Rachel would guess A,B or C!

P.s The answer is 'B' - Ant & Dec!

Listen back to how Rachel got on on Heart Breakfast!