Watch The Easter Creme Egg Challenge

13 April 2017, 10:45 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Creme Egg Challenge West Mids

Ahead of Easter we played the Crème Egg Challenge. Amy from news versus Ed from Heart Breakfast, who could eat the most in a minute.

Ed & Gemma found out that Amy, who reads the news on Heart Breakfast, is a massive fan of Crème Eggs so they wanted to know how many she could eat in 1 minute.

But to make the challenge even harder, she had to chose either Ed & Gemma to go up against in the 'Creme Egg Arena'.

She chose Ed as the challenger, so Gemma took over as the race commentator.

They were given 1 minute and could only use their mouths... and there were some pretty weird noises coming from both Ed and Amy.

Watch the full Facebook Live video below.

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