You Won't Believe What Nigella Keeps Next To Her Bed.

Nigella Lawson on Taste

What do you keep on your bedside cabinet?

Normally it's things like, a lamp, a phone charger and maybe a glass of water, but you're going to be so shocked when you find out what Nigella Lawson can't go to sleep without being in arms reach!

She's famously known for carrying salt and tea bags in her handbag wherever she goes, but let's be honest, there's probably handbags out there with weirder stuff in.

But back to what she keeps next to her bed... 

The list includes:


Some tasty lime chillis

Tabasco Sauce 

hot sauce

And Soy Sauce

soya sauce

You're probably wondering why she keeps these next to her bed?

Apparently it's because she's always late night snacking and she's forever ruining her bed sheets dropping these sauces on them.

As you can imagine, Ed & Rachel had plenty to say about this on Heart Breakfast so listen back to Ed come out with the WORST impression of Nigella Lawson we've ever heard!