06/02/2013 - Car Fools

Definition of a car fool? Here are some examples...

Gary Lineker left his engine running while he went off for 2 hours = Car Fool

Putting unleaded fuel into a diesel car = Car Fool

We've all been there, but when have you been a Car Fool? Here are some of your stories...

Tried to get into wrong car on holiday hire car in big car park. Someone came over trying to get into same car and I'm pulling all doors. Looked like I was breaking in!

I tried to pump tire up and realised it was screen wash

I pulled up in a pick up space to wait for my daughter to come out of the supermarket. A woman got into my car and sat in the passenger seat because I had parked where her husband had dropped her off. Totally different cars!  

I dragged a man out of a car thinking he was sitting in mine. He wasn't happy neither was his son crying in the back. Ha.

I lost the Keys to the hire car in the snow on the side of a mountain

I left my handbrake off and it rolled 100m backwards and knocked down a church wall 

Last year car rolled off my drive across a main road across petrol forecourt missed the fuel pumps rolled out the otter side into a fence no one hurt.... 

I am well known for losing my car keys but last year went shopping in Bridgnorth. Had lunch with friends, then I lost my car keys. Two hours later found them on car roof.

I got into another ka and went to drive off my keys worked on door and ignition lady fell about laughing.

These are hilarious! Thanks for your stories/ Looks like the West Midlands is the home of many Car Fools.

Speak to you when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel