All about Dave


I’ve been in radio since 1994 and have worked in London, Leeds, Manchester & Bristol before coming back home to the Midlands. Away from broadcasting I have worked as a club/bar DJ since I was 15… twenty something years ago!

I still host parties and functions and love DJ’ing at anything from a wedding to Christmas party! Before I became a broadcaster I tried a whole host of jobs including legal clerk, debt collector, van driver, bar manager… you name it! Unfortunately as all these jobs involved proper graft I didn’t last long. It’s not that I’m lazy - honestly! I just enjoy entertaining people.


  • Favourite Concert / Gig: Bruce Springsteen at the NEC Arena in 2004. Sheer class
  • What super-power would you have and why? Invisibility. I’d roam around and pinch bottoms at random
  • Favourite meal: Escalope of veal in a white wine sauce. Mouth watering
  • Who do you respect most in the world? My family
  • If you could live in any home on a TV programme, which would it be? Susan Myers’ house on Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives. Erm, Teri Hatcher. Enough said?
  • Favourite website: I’m an eBay addict. You know all that junk that you sell? I think I buy most of it.
  • Favourite word or phrase: I’ve been known to utter the words ‘Yeah Baby’ on occasion.
  • Live without music or TV? Without TV. Music is oxygen
  • Band you wish would reform: Life’s never been the same since 911 split.