5 Ways To Eliviate From Boredom When Stuck On The M4


Thousands were affected with queuing traffic on the M4, and of course they had something to say on Twitter!

Being stuck in traffic is the worst! Plenty of people in Wiltshire were affected just this morning with static traffic on the M4!

But, what can you do to make it better?

1. Eat snacks and take selfies

You never have a bad time when you have snacks on you.


2. Chase your dreams!

Set the bar low and you'll achieve your dreams!


3. Stare at the countryside

You've stared at the road for about an hour. Time to stare at some trees for the next hour.


4. Play I-Spy?

There's only so many times you can use the words 'Car' and 'Road' though..


 5. Get out your car and grab a snap of your car!

Traffic must bad when you can get out of your car safely!


What did you do when you were stuff in traffic? Tweet us @HeartWilts!