Getting women behind the wheel

A Wiltshire woman is calling for other to kick their men into the passenger seat and get back behind the wheel.

Motoring journalist Liz Turner reckons too many girls are being put off driving because their men nag so much about which lane to be in, what speed to go at and which gear is best.

She told Heart, 'I know so many women who have been confident drivers when alone, who always let their husband or boyfriend drive once they get into a relationship. The reason is they simply can't stand the constant carping from their partner - I was amazed when it started happening to me when I began giving my husband a life to the station. Lots of women take the easy option of letting him drive, but then you get out of practice, lose confidence and sometimes find it difficult to drive again. Why should we do the school run and do all the nipping to Tesco's while he gets the fun of the country lanes on holiday?'

Liz has put together a blog with some tips about reclaiming the driving from your man - CLICK HERE to read it.