Man Jailed For Life For Killing His Parents

Timothy Crook killed his parents Robert and Elsie Crook at their home in Swindon in July 2007.

The 51 year old then drove their bodies to a house he owned in Lincoln where he hid them in his garden.
He had previously been declared unfit to stand trial because of mental health issues - but now, Timothy Crook has been given a life sentence with a section 45A Mental Health Act order.
He will serve a minimum of 16 years in Rampton Hospital, which is a high security psychiatric hospital).
During sentencing, Justice Hamblen said: "Timothy Crook will not be released until he has served the minimum term of 16 years and that the authorities are satisfied he doesn't pose a danger to the public."
Detective Chief Inspector Deb Smith, from Wiltshire Police, said: 

“Wiltshire Police welcome today's sentencing, following last week's guilty verdict.

"This sentence reflects the severity of this man's mental condition.   

"Hopefully today is the final chapter in what has been a harrowing time for Robert and Elsie’s daughter Janice Lawrence and the family.  They've had to deal with the devastating consequences of Timothy Crook’s actions as well as a long drawn out process, due to the fact that the defendant was not mentally well enough to stand trail eight years ago.  

"I hope the family can take some comfort and begin to find closure in today's result."