Summer Solstice Celebrations At Stonehenge

21 June 2018, 09:34 | Updated: 21 June 2018, 12:12

Around 9500 people have taken part in the Summer Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge.

It remained clear and dry throughout the night and the morning saw a beautiful sunrise which was greeted with loud cheers from the crowd. 

Kate Davies, English Heritage's Director of Stonehenge, said:

"Celebrating summer solstice is one of the highlights of the year at Stonehenge. It's a great opportunity for friends and families to come together and mark the longest day of the year, as people have done for thousands of years. There was a lovely, friendly atmosphere throughout, the sun shone, and dawn was met with loud cheers.'' 

Summer Solstice Stonehenge 2018

Superintendent Dave Minty led the Wiltshire police operation:

''We are really pleased with how Solstice 2018 has gone it really has been a great success. English Heritage welcomed approximately 9500 people at Stonehenge, and the majority of those who came to celebrate the longest day of the year did so in a safe and peaceful manner. There was a really great atmosphere and we are really pleased to say there were no arrests at Stonehenge. Approximately 600 people joined the celebrations in Avebury which also saw the public embracing the spirit of Summer Solstice. Two people were arrested at Avebury, a man age 30 was arrested for drunk and disorderly, and a man age 25 was arrested for drink driving. The joint approach to planning the event with Wiltshire Council, security staff, the Highways Agency and English Heritage is key to ensuring visitors to Summer Solstice have a safe and enjoyable time and we look forward to Solstice 2019.''