Swindon Woman Jailed For Beating Husband

22 April 2015, 15:08 | Updated: 22 April 2015, 15:13

Meena Chivers

41 year old Meena Chivers from Highworth, Swindon has been sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for Grievous bodily harm and battery. She was also given a five year restraining order.

On Sunday 2nd March 2014, Meena and Mr Chivers had an argument which resulted in Meena assaulting her husband. The situation escalated and Meena assaulted him again using a hairdryer as a weapon. The attack only ended when their child cried at her to stop.

Meena had hit her husband so hard that she caused a head injury which required hospital treatment. The following day when Mr Chivers returned to the house the violence continued with Meena hitting him to the head again with another object and telling him to ‘commit suicide’.

This incident was the last straw for Mr Chivers, the court heard of the decade of domestic abuse that he had suffered at the hands of his wife. Meena Chivers subjected him to years of physical violence and mental abuse.

On sentencing Judge Blair QC commented that Meena Chivers 'never showed remorse' and 'bullied' her husband which was 'different to her persona outside of the home'. He said she 'did not appreciate the impact her behaviour had on her family.'

Mr Chivers said: 

‘I am thankful that this ordeal has come to an end and will now be focusing on rebuilding my life and ensuring that my family and I have a safe and happy home environment. I am grateful for the support of Wiltshire Police and would like to thank my family and friends who have also been a great support to me at this difficult time. I would also like to thank the Mankind Initiative who provide great support and advice to male victims of domestic abuse. It can feel hard for some people, particularly men, to report domestic abuse but my situation shows that you will be taken seriously and provided the right support. I would encourage any other victims to contact the police who can help put a stop to the abuse. I hope now that my family and I can be left alone to get on with our lives.'

Wiltshire Police Investigator Louise Kennelly said: 

‘Meena has yet to accept responsibility for her actions and the serious impact that she has had. No one should have to suffer the abuse that we have seen in this case. We hear about women who are the victims of domestic abuse in the media but the men who are victims often suffer in silence. We understand there may be a reluctance for male victims to report their abuse but we encourage anyone who has been a victim regardless of their gender to report it to police so we can help provide the right support and take action against the offenders. We hope that this case will encourage other victims to come forward.'