Wiltshire Ready For Cold Snap

27 October 2018, 06:00

Gloucestershire's stash for gritting the roads

As temperatures plummet this weekend, Wiltshire Council say they are prepared to keep things running on the roads.

13,000 tonnes of salt are on standby to treat roads across the county and have been placed at six storage sites.

On average it can take up to 140 tonnes of salt to grit A and B roads across Wiltshire and 230 tonnes to salt an extended list of roads during prolonged cold weather.

Council bosses also say they have weather stations in key areas which provide real time information and help to produce accurate forecasts to make sure gritters are sent out at the right time.

Bridget Wayman, cabinet member for highways, said: "We have a dedicated team who work all hours necessary in very difficult conditions, and we are fully prepared for this coming winter.

"We can never predict how severe a winter will be, but the wealth of experience we have means we are in the best possible position should bad weather hit the county."