Ben & Kirsten's Round Robin

Want to send one of those annoying 'review of the year' letters but not quite sure what to write? Just use our generic letter here and delete as appropriate! You're welcome! Ben & Kirsten x

Dear old school mate I’m now friends with on Facebook/person I met once at a mates party/distant relative Mum has insisted I send a card to.

I must divulge to you my year, in a merry fashion/ harp on smugly cos something good’s happened/make stuff up to fill a side of A4 

So we’ve just had little Tabitha’s nativity at school she was a triumph as Mary/ off ill watching Cbeebies/an orange

Autumn saw Tarquin pass his driving test theory in Latin/ pass out at his mate Quentin’s young farmers ball/ pass wind after an upsetting curry.

Summer saw the return of Uncle Keith’s gout / the hot French exchange student/the ghastly floral number Petula bought me for my birthday.

Spring was a riot of the wondrous flowers I’d planted in the garden/ of fun at the Henley regatta/ an actual riot at the WI when Betty’s ‘Flump torte’ controversially won the Cake Bake/

 I hope you and your family are fabulous/ not doing quite as well as us/ not planning on sending us one of these letters!


Merry Christmas