Ant or Dec?

15th April 2013: If you've got a friend that is always the popular one with the opposite sex, spare a thought for poor old Ant of Ant and Dec fame.

It's a survey I never thought would be done (still trying to work out what the point of it is!) but the results are in. Dec is officially hotter than Ant, according to the women questioned in this super important piece of research. 

The results showed that 72% of the women questioned said they thought that Dec would be "more fun" in the bedroom department than his showbiz partner Ant. 

What's worse for poor old Ant, not only do more women think his mate's more "fruity", but they think HE'S the type of bloke to share a cuppa with and have a good old natter. Not exactly what I imagine lots of men would want to hear!

So do you think those results are correct? In a dramatic piece of Very Important Scientific Research, I've decided to take a look at the evidence again and conduct my own enquiries. 

Which leads me to the vital question: Ant or Dec? Answers below!